Elder Children of the Gaia

Posted on: May 1, 2024

As the veils thin, seen and unseen play together, a powerful time of growth is dawning.


Bealtaine BlessingsRead more here


Astrological Bealtaine/Beltane is 15°♉︎ When the Sun aligns with the midpoint of Equinox and Solstice at 15° of Taurus Fixed Earth  


There is a lovely tale of the Fae and Elven Folk (the Faeries, Elves) being the Elder Children of the Earth. They have chosen to completely surrender to the Powerful Beauty of the Sacred Land, and Her destructive + creative forces of Nature; they are the High Guardians of Gaia + the protectors of balance upon Her Body.

These are the spirits we celebrate at Bealtaine Festival! Find their magic in the morning dew, the wildflowers breaking through the cracks in payments, the air dusted with pollen and the flow in the gentle Sun’s Light ✨


The Inner Earth Beings, Elves, Fae, Pixies, Dragons and other unseen elementals honour their role of Beings of Service to the consciousness and Evolution of Gaia- Mother Earth, Tara, Planet Terra.

We humans are the Young Children of Earth, rebelliously choosing pathways to bring shifts and choices to Earth — view that as the good + evil if you must, or the necessary progression and a piece of the puzzle on Gaia’s life path.

We have the tales of our Ancients to guide us, the whispers from the Elders + Elementals to encourage us, and the spark of Inner Voice and Heart to enlighten us as we herald the Dawning Era forth.

We are but a cell in this grand Body, not to dishearten you – but this awareness of now is short + sweet, when viewed from the Great Cycle – this is to ENCOURAGE your Unique Physical Embodiment of Electromagnetic Light to make its impact felt on this Sacred Earth NOW.

Be with Nature, connect with the Elders and Elementals, seen or unseen, trust in this presence. You have come to offer your energy for a reason. Everyone’s energy is also the trigger to someone else’s awakening.

For those that choose to Remember the guidance of the Earth Elders + Elementals, whom devote their Light to this Sacred Land, ask for their assistance + protection now – They will support you + show you the path of least resistance enriched with Sacred Wisdom.

At this Dawning, the Earth + Sun are at a phase in their Cyclical Dance that honours the Spirited Embodiment to value its purpose. 15°♉︎ Taurus. Astrological Bealtaine (Beltane).

It doesn’t have to be life altering, shattering transitions that irrevocably alters you in an instant but a softening into a surrender to the Calling of your Heart you will offer a transition with jubilant ease, leaving a trail of inspiration to beckon other fragments of your Soul to Unite.



The Sacred Wedding Celebration of Sol and Terra

Sun: Light, Spirit

Earth: Body, physical reality

15°♉︎ Taurus: Protected/Blessed Spiritual Embodiment

Yang + Yin interwoven to honour each other on their celebrated path.


Read more – Bealtaine Blessings 

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