Egyptian Dreams

Posted on: November 27, 2023

Egyptian Dreams

Written on: November 27, 2023 (Gemini Moon)

Recounting Egyptian Dreams pre physically visiting Egypt Dec 2023



Honestly, I ask this all the time! It is beyond my comfort zone to share my intimate experiences, although I turn most of them into astrological musings and guided visions for others, there is comfort in removing the personal link and making it collective. So, to share them as spoken from my actual experience asks me to lean into the vulnerability and trust the process of learning how to share in new ways. 

Despite my discomfort, I feel this needs to be documented and shared prior to physically landing in Egypt. (Yes! I am going to visit Cairo this week! Ahhhh I am bursting with excitement!) Inevitably, when you travel to new lands – connect into the sacred sites that carry vast generations of collective connection, and pierce through the veils of time – your perception is altered. I assume my inner voyages will be coloured by these visits to Cairo, and new pathways unfolding will develop my dreams further. So, I wanted to have these recounted up to this point. 



Dreams are symbolic, the experiences are metaphorical for the consciousness unfolding and remembering itself as it evolves.  As I live largely in this liminal space I often forget to expand on the varying meanings that can filter down from hypnagogic or liminal experiences. Energy boxed into words is limiting, yet this is how we communicate. With hope, words can evoke feeling. And feeling can attune the resonance of the energy.

I am not trying to state facts or match them to timelines or link myths and narratives from varying cultures. When imagery, words, essence of location cross in my dreams I lightly research if there is similar meaning found in ancient narrative. I take them for a shared energy, a merging of feelings, blending of narratives that encapsulate an energy. By sharing them publicly I must state that I never intend to disrespect or offend anyone. I share my inner dream workings and visuals with the intention of sparking curiosity, brightening perspective or maybe helping you listen to your own dreams more to guide your soul on this life experience. 


I am so grateful to the incredible people who have listened and held space for me to decant these dream experiences… It is a large part of my reality, one foot in each realm, which has often felt isolating, not isolating in a sad way, but it is so difficult to put into words this way of being. Either misunderstood or words not reaching the rich and vast expression through limited expression. I want people to experience this magnificent reach of our awareness, so I am always happy and fulfilled when I get the opportunity to guide others into these spaces with my offerings, and watch their consciousness flourish and bloom when they meet these aspects of themselves. 

The notion that they are ‘just dreams’, isn’t the case with me, I comprehend the sentiment, but this narrative hinders the multitude of self growth and healing through these experiences. For me, they feel like memories. Memories of the vast reach of consciousness beyond the limited physical embodiment, beyond the mental constructs and programs we operate within in the waking perception. 

Lately, I have been compiling my dreams and visionary experiences with a friend in the search for meaning or some project, a book or a programme/method that could come out of threading them together. Through this process of compartmentalising my lucid dreaming experiences, I have noticed threads, linking pattern. One of them ties to imagery that has Egyptian themes. As I am going to visit Cairo, Egypt in person for the first time, I feel the reflection of my Egyptian-like dreams are quite prominent and carry a more vivid link with many other dream memories. These are the dreams and experiences that I will share so that I have a record of what I experienced prior to physically getting to be there. 




For context, to those that do not know me. I am a dreamer. By that I mean I dream vividly, often and lucidly. I remember my dreams like they are waking experiences – I don’t really see a difference in their existence other than from conditioned thought that they are dreams and not of this material realm. I am hyper aware how this can sound to a person’s perception, especially if they are not open to this way of being and I have withheld and hidden most of my way of being due to this sensitivity of others for years, I am working to dissolve it and not be so apologetic. Yet, it is through dreams and a deepening relationship with them that I know my fears and aim to befriend them rather than pretend I have triumphed over them. My fears are a huge part of what charges me (☉☍♇) – what and how I respond to them is the lesson in mastering them. I cannot pretend  they are not there. I can follow fear back to one of my earliest recurring dreams from childhood right through to recent years. It plays out in various ways, but it is the fear of being fully me, would obliterate others. (if you know my astrological energy then this wouldn’t be that surprising, given my Taurus Sun tightly opposing Pluto in Scorpio- more on that later) 



Dreams or similarly visual and hypnagogic experiences often feel like memories of a lived experience. To describe how I visualise it, I am sure many of you can relate – take the image of the Great Tapestry of Creation, every expression of life is a thread woven into this beautiful oceanic blanket that infinitely expands. Intricate, flowing, geometric, simple, rippling, vast. Each of our threads is like a channel or current that can reach into other interwoven threads. Your thread is capable of tuning into the vast Tapestry of Creation and taking deep wisdom from the interweaving threads of others channels of consciousness. This bridges time and space. Or more so, it is beyond the limits of time and space. This is a gift of our consciousness and how we can utilise our vast connection to Divine Creation. This is Remembrance.



As an astrologer I use my natal chart and the transiting energy to aid the languaging and decoding of my experiences. This has been the greatest gift for a 12th House Gemini Moon, (thank you Andrew and the Blue Rose School) as I would often knot myself up in tangled expressions that could never find the words to explain what I was engaging with. This can be a huge torment to not feel understood – My Moon is conjunct Chiron. Knowing your birth chart energy can really help with following the flow and cycles of dreams, and the deeper you dive with cycles the more you can use your dreams to enhance your lived experiences too. Your awareness of reality at play becomes more malleable.

For astrological reference, for those interested, I will note my natal chart below:

I have a full 12th House*: Placidus House System, Western Astrology: 19°♉︎ North Node, 27°♉︎ Mars (conjunct Centaur Chariklo and Fixed Star Algol – opp Saturn in 6th)  and 6° ♊︎ Moon conjunct Centaur Chiron and 10°♊︎ Ceres conjunct Aldebaran)

(*The House of intangible, spiritual, non mundane, unseen, subconscious, dreams and astral, cosmos, prisons/entrapment, disembodied, self undoing, self realisation, collective consciousness, womb/pre birth consciousness)

I have a 28° Gemini Rising conjunct Fixed Star Polaris, 3° Taurus Sun in the 11th House tightly opposite Pluto adding depth to conscious embodiment, desire for dimensional transformation and intensity to that hidden and subconsciousness script, that is strong from my 12th House placements too. 

So a lot of opposition of Taurus Scorpio, and a strong influence of the Walkers (Centaurs) on the personal planets of my 12th.

Draconic Chart: Moon is Aries, Sun is Pisces and Taurus becomes my rising. Also my Draconic Mercury lands on my Solar Natal  ♒︎ MC. 

In sidereal astrology, I have a Gemini Rising, Taurus Moon and Aries Sun

There are other rippling patterns and scripts in there but I am not going to go down my own narrative’s rabbit hole. 

My astrology map can give rise to a need for soul connection through dreams (Moon in 12th), having a calling to expand into the spiritual, my quest is to embody and ground the intangible (Taurus North Node in 12th) with an active sense of the unseen (Taurus Mars in 12th) and along with the placement of Ceres, the Fixed Stars and the Centaurus Chiron and Chariklo in my 12th accentuating the ancient and distant reach of awareness. My imagery in dreams tends to be off planet, predating our current timelines or cultural references, or is not bound by personal or lived now experiences.

I am acquainted with the high and low variables this can offer to a psyche, I have buried myself in the depth of darkness, and really lean into the daily challenge this can deliver for me but also those around me. Yet, I feel my relationship with these energy signatures has greatly improved over the years and become a love affair of sorts the more I own, embody and become comfortable to share this perception with others.

When I link with astrology, I am either learning more about myself and my scripts and their cyclical evolution, or and equally, I am bridging microcosmic frequencies with macrocosmic waves.

My intention is to keep working on raising my awareness and work to bring these energy signatures and lost attributes to my awareness. Know Thyself. My aim is to link this with the collective to aid others who (regardless of their astrology) may feel this similar sense of total wisdom and understanding beyond this physical realm yet it is clouded in confusion, deep amnesia. It is dawning. The more of us aware of our truth and potential the greater the rise of Light will be!




  1. Deep beneath the Pyramids as Nut with El Morya  / Dream experience
  2. Capstone Merkaba ascension / Past life regression session QHHT
  3. Within the Sphinx Chambers with Anubis / Sirius Star Embodiment 
  4. Construction of the Pyramids, Hathor  / Dream memory
  5. Raising Water at the Pyramids / Daydream visuals
  6. Looping and linking these and other sacred sites and timelines / Lucid dream time hopping experience. 


Deep beneath the Pyramids as Nut with El Morya  / Dream experience

I bought a Moldavite ring for my 30th when in Glastonbury. I began getting clairtangent flashes when I closed my eyes, of a blazing turquoise portal/circle over a pyramid. 

Which led me to investigate this in dream to deepen my understanding of it. (I wouldn’t normally recommend sleeping with Moldavite, but I was curious!)

This dream led me to El Morya, an ascended master, he met me at the steps of the pyramid, leading inside to “change” in the first chamber. I changed robes, but I was encouraged to continue, peeling back skins of avatars, seeing flashes of various beings, eventually emerging as a very tall, feminine form, indigo void in “colour” like the cosmic night sky. Perhaps the Egyptian deity Nut? Leading down through the temple. Down the series of U shaped stairs unfolding beneath the pyramid to an inner Earth realm, Agartha perhaps. This realm was dark but glistening with gems and geodes, and bioluminescent algae shimmering on rocks. There, meeting a small yoda looking creature, directing me to continue on my path. Pointing over to an opening, a dark hole. El Morya told me that is as far as he would go with me. 

And with that I dove into the pool and my inky void form merged with the dark waters. (♏︎♇☍☉) Swimming down into the depth of this pool (symbolic of deep subconscious level) I was confronted by a Poseidon character, (Neptune is on my Descent opp my Gemini Rising) trident to my throat demanding I tell him. This confrontation jolted me from my so far really enjoyable lucid dream experience, (clearly facing a deep rooted fear) yet in dream I had no idea what he was demanding of me. I unknowingly gave him something of my voice but this was all quite vague as this is when I woke from dream. 

As a curious dreamer. I revisited the dream and replayed it in my mind’s eye a few days later. with the intention of healing this fear of confrontation and confusion over what I had that was so badly desired. I also reprogrammed it with the self empowerment of withholding my “voice” /or releasing the fear of giving it over. Yet I had this background sense that it didn’t matter what I gave away he couldn’t do with it what I could. It was through me (or I should differentiate – this celestial being character in my dream) 


Capstone Merkaba ascension / Past life regression session QHHT

I also had a past life regression session QHHT, in it I ended up remembering an exit from an incarnation via the capstone of a white pyramid turned in gold. The capstone became the etheric ship/ Merkaba that took me into the Hall of Birthing Souls – (a hall of babies in merkabas) – it was like a skipped the Hall of Reflections.  Buddha greeted me but before I could speak placing a finger to his lips, sent me back down a channel to incarnate- that life I didn’t not want to incarnate at all and remember this feeling (anger and resistance- 12th House Mars opp Saturn) 


Within the Sphinx Chambers with Anubis / Sirius Star Embodiment 

During a BlueRose workshop, for Sirius Star Embodiment, I witnessed the visions of inside the sphinx chambers. These channellings with the Sirius Star beings had me watching from within the death chambers with Anubis the Black Dog Head Deity and the Sirius Star Beings. They have always been very direct with their communication and the message this time was to leave now, almost a warning. There was a preparation for ascent out of physical form, or a departure from that location.

It is only in hindsight now that I can almost make sense of this message. The memory of the death of many at the fall of consciousness and my refusal to depart. The Yin, the Zaphaya (Sophia), the Hathor, the Magdalene didn’t ascend, she descends, until all rise with Her. She doesn’t leave Her creation, Her children. She commits to living through the totality of descent. 


Construction of the Pyramids, Hathor  / Dream memory

I also have some dream memories of the construction of the pyramids, Hathor standing with Thoth, overseeing the construction of the pyramids by large (giant) beastly humanoid creatures. Dark blue/ purple skin. The pyramid was two sided. As in a mirror tetrahedron at the base pointing downwards. 

Years pass between these dreaming experiences- but in my mind they are developing and the clouds that obscured my vision are only clearing. Time as we use it, is irrelevant. 

The development of the Hathor and pyramid construction memory unfolded recently with a White Bull beside her and the understanding that the beings that built the temples were her own children, a creative offspring – the Minotaurs perhaps. Linking to the myth of Pasiphae perhaps? Which also may draw links with the Age of Taurus or of the races of beings that came before the human form.

Her love for the creatures building the temples was strong, but once they had completed their work they grew angry and primal behaviour clashed with the refining forms that were being called to birth through the pyramid Crystalline Structures.

My perceptions from these dream impressions are that the central chamber was used to manifest Divine Light/Spirit, sound frequency intentions and sacred water consciousness fused into a crystallised form – the human. 

Different to the shapeshifting forms /anamorphic beings of consciousness that had existed prior to this, but a fully embodied Divine Consciousness Crystallised Being (Embodied). Living and expressing creation through the material /physical form – the body. 

These birthing chambers are linked in my mind’s eye to Adam’s Calendar in South Africa, Ggiantija in Malta, NewGrange in Ireland …among others. 


Raising Water at the Pyramids / Daydream visuals

About a month ago, having learned the trip to Cairo might not happen, I had been recounting these dreams to a friend as we recorded them. I had a day dream experience of seeing myself at the pyramids. Placing my hands on the ground outside the pyramids and water puddling around my hands. This was a very vivid day dream and very emotional. Once home from the kids school run I went to sit into this energy. Allowing more space for it to develop like a guided meditation.

Then a series of geyser-like shoots of water burst upwards forming pillars around the temples. This feeling was so enthralling and as I stood in dream impression to take in this vision my heart lifted me and I rose in the air. 

[Symbolically I see this as a very healing progression of the initial dream confrontations in the deep water hole. This could represent a clearing of the repressed energy, a rising of consciousness either personally or collectively. 

Water is consciousness- these waters were a force shooting upwards. And the heart chakra lifting perhaps meaning this is where I have levelled the healing to – heart level.]


Looping and linking these and other sacred sites and timelines / Lucid dream time hopping experience. 

Upon booking flights, 10 days prior to our flight date to Cairo, I had an incredibly busy night of lucid dreaming. Streaming in and out of Lucidity, yet restless – busy. The development of these dreams were so rapid and vast that I actually felt nauseous, like travel sickness the next day and despite the highs felt from the revelations in these dreams, I felt weary days later as I integrated this energy. 

This night of dreaming tied many dreaming experiences and memories together – some of the ones mentioned above and others.

[noteworthy from an astrology perspective – this was while the transiting Sun was as conjunct Mars at 27°♏︎ (conjunct my Saturn and opp my Mars, Algol and Chariklo) ]

Dream imagery took on forms like maps and old photos, and the film of the photos were burning and the bubbling and peeling back film revealing another dimension or location to jump to. Which was a new way of jumping lucidly in dream – normally I feel it ‘physically’.

In these recent dreams it progressed from the pillars of water geysers and I watched as the original form of the pyramid rose from the ground. Revealing the diamond form mirrored twin tetrahedrons. The hidden revealed.

As I watched the same scene with Hathor, Thoth and the White Bull Head. I was catapulted to The White Buffalo Woman and her prophecies of her return –  then back to the pyramids, and the creation of her Sun/Son Amun Ra in the chambers of this crystalline sacred geometry prism. 

This diamond structure (full merkaba) was one of many birthing chambers but this was one that I got the name of (Amun Ra – which I subsequently researched, is a prominent Egyptian God, I am not that familiar with lineage or Egyptian dynasty). Simultaneously, in this dream, I was watching flashes of me as Danielle, personally walking inside the pyramids and touching the walls. Observing his life and reign and witnessing the speeding of timelines as he and other illuminated sons and daughters in Christ/crystal body form. I was dreaming of clairtangency flashes, of being in the temple halls as myself / yet I felt like an ancient old woman and falling to my knees whaling in tears with the grief of leaving my son, mourning a loss yet celebrating his life. Clairtangency flashing me between memories as my hands touched the walls. I was also stirred back to the feeling at Mnajdra temples in Malta, during an embodiment of the Mother while touching the stones there (feeling the same grief of not being there for her Starseeded children yet brimming with pride of their accomplishments. At Mnajdra grief was layered with a sacred rage) 

As I mentioned, this was a very busy night of lucid dreams. Layering of the previous dreams, I was brought to the memory of the confrontation with Poseidon in the depth of the water as the void-like inky starlight body / perhaps Nut. This time the dream unfolded (not guided by me) not as a confrontation but as a consummation, merging consciousness and cosmic infinite energy, this transcendence became the water that rose around the pyramids and shot up as the pillars of light / geysers of water. 

It was as if all dreams were being stitched together.

I woke and looked out my window and gazed at the stars for some time (Orion and Sirius) , reminding me of the BlueRose Sirius Embodiment. 

I was resting and feeling into this love that came through for each Her offspring and creations: flashes of the Minotaur Builders, the Crystal/Solar Deities/ Pharaohs that led and transformed into the Human Sentient Creations that birthed after the Fall to the Star Children emerging now. (this links in my mind to the Fixed Cross energies –  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, and reminds me of the creation dreams I had during a 10 day embodiment of The Mother back in 2019)

Then, turning in my sleep, as I often call on the Angels to guide me if my sleep is too disruptive, and was held with the energy of Metaron, my long standing guiding presence. (when I was younger, I referred to him as Big Peach, as I would only see from the knees down draped in golden peach robes. The colour would envelop me when I needed comfort) I found myself actually crying when I hear the words “Mother of Angels.” 

This sensation of released emotion (both hugely joyful and yet strangely sad) lulled me back to sleep.



Dropping back into rapid dreaming, everything became very fast again. I flashed through dream loops and locations. Weaving together scenes and memories. Rippling waves. Radiating frequency.

I then witnessed the drop of the pyramid (the full diamond shape), marking a Fall of Consciousness. We were left with the surface upward pointed tetrahedron (Yang) and surface perception. Its clear crystalline prismatic composition became hard solid opaque rock. 

The instant ripple across time and space as I watched the synchronisation of the fall of this consciousness across other sites and locations:  a split, the Masters Ascending and Deities returning to the cloud ships, the Lemurians seeking refuge in Mt Shasta, and other locations in the Pacific, and seeding their codes in crystals buried deep in the ground. The Tuath de Danan submerged underground, the Shapeshifters retreating to the west chasing the setting Sun, the fall of Atlantis and the crashing wave that erased memory, the translucent hiding of Shambala and the Central Pole sinking to Agartha, the dragons forced to fall into slumber and transform into Ley Lines as they were misunderstood- slayed by ignorance, pride and greed.

This fall of consciousness, saw the hiding /veiling of the expanse of energy in forms, and yet it also saw the implications of free will and gift of birthing form, this became the woman’s womb. The womb is the downward pointed tetrahedron, this became the portal for birthing soul consciousness in embodied form. 

While the patriarchy reigned, the yin wisdom went underground, wisdom was not lost entirely but trusted its slumbering phase… This energy is awakening. The crystalline form is rising. 

The Dragon is here, out of the Eye that sees, and the flames of transmutation that She breathes, the Maiden emerges from the jaws and illuminates the path. Zaphaya (Sophia)  is reclaiming her seat in the Cosmic Skies, and illuminating the rippling waves of the Great Ocean. She has held and reclaimed each of her children and all of their chosen forms of creative and destructive expression. Her Love transforms  all and this Alchemy is unfolding for the masses now. 



Client Session 

In a recent client session I watched this dual tetrahedron surround Ava’s etheric body and the dna particles uncoiling. Ancient scripts cleared, old cultural conditions healed. The release of the cyclical nature of the Yin principle, that She must remain in an unseen drop into darkness. Although I resonate with this on lunar levels and cyclical nature of seed to harvest etc this cycle is closing for this phase in humanity. 

Watching the dual Crystalline pyramid / merkaba, awaken and reveal the geometric and toroidal structures of energy in the body and chakra system and beyond. Although this was a personalised session this felt so collective – after all Ava is a fellow 12th House Mars and Moon native so there is the essence of collective actions and collective memories playing out. 

Perhaps you could envision this Diamond Prism surrounding you, sacred water rising and Divine Light illuminating, the rainbow prism radiating out and the whispers of pure frequency guiding you how to expand this divine expression you each carry. Breathe / intend this into each chakra, each cell, imagine it form toroidal plump auras of remembrance and Divine Union, within and around you. 




As a dear friend Severine said “in order to expand you must express” and so perhaps it is that simple. I expressed it. 

I am going to see what the in-person experience delivers for me when I visit Cairo this week. 

To date my experience at sacred sites often shows a split in the sheath and I can feel what energy has been here. Hopefully, being such a vastly revered site, that houses the memories of many generations, visitors and creations of Golden Times – perhaps it can expand and awaken en masse, beyond dream and beyond time or body limitations. 

And yes, maybe I need to lower my expectations, I am grounding with the intention of just welcoming the experience as it plays out. Having time with friends there and time with my husband too (we are celebrating 10 years of marriage). Maybe this is all just my fantastical imagination or maybe my intuition will continue revealing my core memories to me. 

Either way I know I enjoy learning through these strong feminine embodiment memories/scripts. These play out as imagery of The Hathor’s and The Cosmic Mother, The Durga and Kali, The Danu and Imma Illa –  memories of creation and pre fall of consciousness. This imagery plays out and then my follow up research links these to our Earthly and Human narratives – maybe these are not linked to here at all. Nonetheless, I am encouraged to sit back and watch this movie play out, to witness us all awaken with Her presence embodied in all of HueManity.

(I refer to my embodiment experience with The Mother 4 years ago: I will admit, I resisted that, denied it and restrained myself, I have attempted to rationalise and justify to soothe the perception I may be projecting, to belittle my impressions to egoic impulses- maybe these are all part truths, but maybe they are hindering me learning how to express fully unlimited and unrestrained. 

I am learning how to express these so that they are succinct and clear for others to gain inspiration or an altered perspective to aid their own path. I prefer turning these visionary experiences into guided meditations, this can offer a path for others to align with their truth. I open to the vulnerability of learning, trying and failing, trying again. So that I may know myself more and fulfil my destiny, unabashedly embodying Spirit in its full unique expression through me, Danielle. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this recounting. I hope it uplifts your energy and provides a new perspective.

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