Dream Heal the Wound

Posted on: February 20, 2024

Clip from the guided meditation from this evenings Chiron North Node Awaken the Dreamer event. 


Washing through the channel of consciousness is the radiant liquid light of Pure Divine Consciousness. Infinitely flowing, heart to heart…

As you bathe in these collective waters, rinsing through your cells, cleansing your emotional scripts, your memories and harboured traumas loosened,  – let these waters flow in full colour. Acceptance of growth and love of the process. Every light colour carries the healing frequency required. 

These illuminated waters plump every cell with rejuvenation and restoration. Every cell vibrates with remembrance. Every cell awakens the dormant DNA. This coding carries you back through the day, weeks, months and years of your experience. The illuminated waters flow through every time line, radiating into the unconscious crevices and healing the unmet emotions. 

Into childhood, open up and revive your abandoned parts, the forgotten joys and passionate courage. Hear the inner child, let it guide you. Heal your judgments. 

The illuminated water of love flows back in your timeline to your mother. Into the womb, the sacred waters that held you as you were physically formed. Heal her womb space with your radiant love and colourful waters. 

This expands into her body, your mother’s cells. It illuminates your consciousness at that time and radiates in her aura. Impacting your father. His cells catch the wave of illumination and resonate with these healing vibrations. 

This cascading flow of healing consciousness continues into his cells. Your father’s biology receiving a healing. This flows back in time, into the creation point of the meeting of cells, the desire to express expanding spirit.  The spark of creation that formed your vessel’s initial journey. The amalgamation of cells that evolved and illuminated with this intention of illuminated consciousness. 

This wave of enlightened consciousness flows to your parent’s parents, and in an instant your lineage is altered. Time is not linear in this form of beyond 4th dimensional awareness. 

The narrative of yin and yang is altered. Healed, liberated, the key to evolution unlocked, the portal to remembrance opened. Don’t rationalise. Hope. Dream. Believe. Plant the seed of this Healef Soul State.  

The cascading flow that rinses through ancestry forms streams and rivers and estuaries. Rippling out to the expansive Ocean. 


Your awareness and love has an impact. 

It ripples across the Ocean. 

And on this rumbling Ocean you lay buoyant, floating. Heart illuminated, you float amidst the rolling undulations, gentle swirls or stormy crashing waves. 

You make a difference. 

Your awareness makes a difference. Your authentic energy serves a purpose. You are fearless in radiating your Light. Not as a comparison to someone’s Light. Just your Light. Your light emits a the “perfect” harmonic. This frequency charges the Great Ocean. 

The Ocean carries this pulse. Others in the collective resonate with your expression. Your authentic courage is passionately pulsing, heart beating, you make a difference by being fearlessly you. Your creativity expression is beautiful. 

Soon the inky void of rolling waves is illuminated with Lights, like you buoyant, holding a Light, guiding others, bridging the difference and forging a connection of Lights, expanding awareness rolling with the vast consciousness. A spectrum of colourful lights. 

The rainbow over the dark unfurling chaos, beautiful disorder illuminated with a love of life expression. Rippling waves and varying emotions, all serving a purpose, all requiring Loving support. 

And a guiding Light. Your courageous Light, sparks that in another. Buoyant Lights forming a web of connectedness. Remembrance. 

Dual forces of Dark and Light, wisdom and awareness, yin and yang, past and future, your father and mother… tangible and intangible, spirit and embodiment….  Neither competing, both supporting and encouraging growth. One is not without the other. 


Heal the narrative

Profound collective healing

Unlock your potential 

Be fearlessly authentic 

Be passionately courageous 

Relate with softness

Bridge with Peace

Share the Light

Learn through the Dark

Heal the Soul Purpose 



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