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Posted on: March 9, 2024

Venus Gate Blessings 💕

Oh I have been enjoying a little 12th House hermit mode to integrate the forthcoming energetics.

But what a delightful New Moon weekend commencing with Mercury conjunction Neptune this afternoon in Pisces bathing us in a daydream quality of imaginative thought, and *Venus Moon Gate* in 26°♒︎ Aquarius, that I am happy to return to writing and sharing with you ✨

Venus Moon Gate is held with the Sabian Symbol Imagery: AN ANCIENT POTTERY BOWL FILLED WITH VIOLETS ~  “Intuitive development of the hidden meaning inherent in things” “The Delicacy of Feelings.” Dane Rudhyar

Lean into this weekends softness, encouraging you to feel the unseen, unnamed essence that calls through the Heart and Soul this Venus Moon Gate asking for us to remember:

What customs or founding principles require a creative reimagining so that it still holds the Elegance of Spirit to flourish, evolve and transcend our veiled perceptions?

As the mind dissolves and reforms through dreamy scenes the Heart and Soul whisper to encourage you to seek Authentic Transcendent Love as you walk along in this unique expression in time space. Trust Love is found in Life’s Mystery. Not everything needs to be rationalised. Let feelings give you wings.

New Moon Musings to follow…



To answer some questions on the next few events. Their difference is:

*16th March 10am-6pm at W Hotel Albufeira*

Yoga, Spa, Lunch and Cacao Ceremony €160 Myself and Elena will host you at the W Hotel and theme the day to prepare you be pampered, rejuvenated and recharged ready for the Spring Equinox and Eclipse Season. (This event will touch on both Eclipse and Equinox energies)

*18th March 12-3pm Online*

Eclipse Webinar and Ceremony €35

An online presentation about the fated meanings for this year’s Eclipse Season, how to align with this powerful energy. The Eclipse Season spans a 6 week portal of time around the Lunar ♎︎ and Solar ♈︎ Eclipse (25th March & 8th April respectively)  This will cover in depth the Eclipse Season energies.

*19th March 6pm-9pm at Haven Vilamoura*

Aries Spring Equinox Monthly Haven Community  Gathering €40

Sharing astrological insight for ♈️ Aries Season and Celebrating the Wheel of the Year – Spring Equinox. (I will mention more about the Equinox and Aries Season)

*4th April 10am-4pm at Amparo Vilamoura*

Connect with Light Beings Day workshop to develop your intuitive connection to Angels and Star Beings €111 A workshop to learn intuitive skills, channelling and learn about methods I use to connect to the Flamed Ones. Including lunch

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