Change Your Narrative

Posted on: February 1, 2021

Check in with your narrative.

What do you listen to? What message are you telling yourself or saying to others when you connect with them? What are your sharing on social media?

Is your narrative in alignment with your best intentions? Are your words and thoughts cohesive with what you desire to create in your life?

As we approach Imbolg, the midpoint of Aquarius – the festival between Solstice and Equinox – we are prompted to check in and spring clean our mentality so that the roots that flourish from here are bountiful.

This peak point of a fixed sign is felt internally. With it in fixed Air it relates to our inner dialogue, our perception, our intake + processing of information, ideas and collective vibes picked up on the claircognizant levels (mentally intuition).

Additionally, Mercury Retrograde in ♒︎ for the next 3 weeks is lending even more planetary energy towards tuning within and reflecting on what is uplifting and broadening your perception and what is dragging your energy.

What small habits can you learn and integrate into your life to upgrade your adaptability towards the current global and personal waves of change?

Everyone is susceptible to infectious mental patterns, low ebbs and hardship facing challenges. Now is a great time to check in and clear it out. Clear your space energetically and mentally.  Learn new skills, practice them to improve your mental capacity    for example, catching yourself when you go into a lower thought pattern.

Listen to your inner dialogue – is it kind?

Switch up the conversations you’re engaging with if they are depleting your energy or adding to lower vibrational waves.

And alter how your look at situations, reduce comparisons to give more time toward tending to your own mind garden.

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