⚫⇢♢  New Moon in Capricorn ⚫⇢♢  

Posted on: January 12, 2021

⚫⇢♢  New Moon in Capricorn ⚫⇢♢  

13th January 2021 5am UT

Seed a new foundation within the embodiment and comprehension of your existence. 


The New Moon in Capricorn this month offers us a chance to reform our soul consciousness, to climb the new crystalline structures that may seem nonexistent to many. But they are simply hidden in the dark. 


“Begin to feel your own existence as absolutely fundamental” Alan Watts


These initiating steps along the path, lit by this Dark Moon of 2021,  are calling for the inner wisdom you have felt rising, from the debris of old ways crumbled, to drive you forth. And remind you that even if you cannot see through the dust from the collapsing rubble, or cannot fathom a new way yet, there is hope in the simple steps you take.  You are already walking on this new grid of consciousness. 


Your practice toward your own energy alchemy as you traverse this path – transforming and elevating your perception, emotions and way of being –  is lighting the crystalline grid of reality. 

Simple. Make it practical. Little actions make a big difference. Self practice elevates.  

This New Moon form a self-discipline practice. Only you can make the change. You are the alchemist of your own energy embodied. You will arrive at the top of your own climb and see through the clouds of dusty confusion. And after the dismantling chaos, through the feared darkness comes the dawn of Light, these are the first steps on the new foundation of reality. How will you respond?


Everything is in Divine Order. Capricorn energy is the taking of Spirit down into Form and Driving it back up to Self Actualisation.

To quote Mr Watts’ The Nature of Consciousness II: Captivated by Drama again, “You are the simple fabric and structure of existence itself.” Keep living your life, bringing spirited form on a climb to self discovery. 

(I highly recommend listening to or reading this wonderful thought proving offering by Alan Watts: The Nature of Consciousness II: Captivated by Drama )

As this New Moon links back to the Grand Reset point by degree of Jan 12th 2020 – the initiation of the destruction of our reality as we knew it. And whatever your beliefs or perception of reality/consciousness is – 2020 saw to it that it got a good shaking… Chaos and dismantling of one way to offer a new way of perceiving – hope lingers, fear seduces…. what path will you build and reform? This New Moon are those first few step, first few blocks laid on the path of a New Way, a New Reality… a New Wave of Consciousness.

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