Aries Solar Eclipse

Posted on: April 7, 2024

Solar Eclipse 8 April 2024 Sun + Moon Conjunct Chiron and North Node in Aries


The yearly Aries New Moon often packs a revitalizing boost. The first New Moon of the Zodiac Year. Cardinal Fire initiates creative energy, activation of Truth, conception of Unified Joy. 

This one also conjoins with Chiron – the Centaurs archetype is the Master Healer, the illuminating bridge between a perceived polarity. 

Chiron reminds us of the energy that mastering a presumed challenging experience, or sentence of existence is possible. Not just possible but hugely healing and beneficial for others to learn and follow this expressed inner learnings and teachings. The honourable service to Life and others. 

We can know suffering, have wounds and feel painful experiences AND we can master joyful living that delivers a pathway out of misery, rejection, abandonment, and suffering. All energy can be transmuted – it is your mastery of this action that evolves the inner pupil (inner child) to become a master. A star illuminating the pathway for others. 


This Aries New Moon is a total solar eclipse, offering a marking point on our Collective Soul Evolution. A point we are being called to Remember. 


The Moon is represented as our Soul – the fractal piece of mirror that carries our individual Soul memories, emotions, patterns. The Sun is represented as our Spirit, our Illuminated Consciousness – this vital life force beams pure radiance always. This exact alignment is a conception moment, a seeding moment for the Soul Memory to be infused in totality with Divine Light. To Remember this creative Play of Light, to fuse the pieces together – See 👁️ the bigger picture. 


Our Crystalline form, our carbon Body evolving, the magnificent Earth is momentarily without this Light – a short glitch in the system – so it – The Earth, and we must turn within and seek its own force for “survival”. 

This retreat within and honouring of one’s own Life Force, is a moment to be reminded of your Truth. You seek the Light, and find it is all there – no separation. Just a forgetting, a busyness with your reflection lost in a narrative, playing a game with yourself to expand your creative expression. Find your Creative Spark and Radiate it out. 

Be part of the expansion, the infinite unfolding consciousness that plays and creates. Plug your Light into this Earthly Existence. Remember you are not separate. Namaste. Peace. Shekhinah. Grá & Síocháin. 



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