Alchemical Love

Posted on: October 25, 2023

Ode to Alchemical Love. 

Enter Fixed Water, a deepening of our Awareness 



Sun, Mercury and Mars activate their influence through Scorpio Fixed Water. 

Sentience, Voices and Motives are plunged into the deep Waters.  How do we respond? Listen, Evolve and Awaken. 

Technical descriptions evade me as I enjoy these rolling waves of visions washing through me.


Ode to Alchemical Love 


Oh Alchemy, 

Take us into your Heart. 

Turned by the Waters, and plunged into the Dark Void. May we See the flame of Transmutation blaze from within casting off our karmic shadows that mislead us. 

Guide us through our Dawning 

Take us into your Heart. 



Oh Alchemy,

Take me. 

From Primal Base to Golden Crown. 

Rising in the Great Heart.

That’s when I See you. That’s how I feel you. That’s when I know Love the most. 

Intimate merging in Love. 

Take me. 



Oh Alchemy, 

I want to honour the Love. 

I know the fear and the rage. You have consumed me before. 

I know the mystical and metamorphic. I crave it too often. 

Beyond the raw passion and the depth of desire. Though the linger there is sweet. 

I cannot hide it, nor keep it secret any longer. I surrender the pretence. A Love that draws me beyond… Magnetic to the Core. Lifting to Soar.

Dying to be Born. 

I want to honour that Love.

Alchemical Love. 



The wildness of this life is roaring.

Deep into chaos, ripped apart, vulnerable.

Writhing,   thriving,   diving,    flying.

So pure, lost in the depth of it all.


It’s vast and deep and stirring and strangling.


And the frozen places we are lost to,


The eruptions of fury are frightening,

yet liberating.


But the love….


Regenerative ripples of passion,

that sheds the skin of old and rises,

burning – healing and loving.


Not just love.



No words will encapsulate it. Nor needed when in the void with you.

Inky voids open to liquid gold magma, sweet like honey, warmth rises, fuelling this exploration of expression: feeling, hiding, burying, unearthing, merging, remembering, dying and birthing.


I only long for you to linger more, but know the intensity of such intimacy would cut me off from the play of connectedness that unites us through time and space.


We part like the embers, and I witness your majesty, colourful plumes soar out beyond to the invisible, beyond the flames that temper within my earthen body, weighing me down, as I ground.

Seeking sensation to remind me of this realm. Smell and touch call me back.


In body. I ensoul.

Recalling my memories of you.

The intensity of your power subsides.

Clay dries, hardens.

The Alchemy of your fiery visceral gaze seals in the Gold.

My temple is rebuilt. My cup ready to hold wisdom once again. My body remembers.

Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus
28th Oct 2023
21:24 pm Portugal/Ireland

Alchemy of Fixed Water Scorpio Sun opposing Luna in Fixed Earth Taurus.
What can you hold and build? What needs to spill over, and be released? What restoration is needed for your temple to house your Alchemical Loving Essence?

Soul calls to be Embraced & Embodied in Fixed Earth Taurus. This Eclipse Season has been ruled by Venus (Libra Solar Eclipse and now Taurus Lunar Eclipse) Venus is always prompting Loving Embodiment – in Mind and Body.


The Sabian Symbol for 5-6°♉︎
A cantilever Bridge across a deep gorge.
Find a way to end separation and form group consciousness.”


The final Eclipse of Taurus / Scorpio until 2031 when the North Node enters Scorpio.
When the North Node was in Taurus, for 18 months, we were prompted to heal your intuitive empowerment within your body. So, now at the final doorway of this calling: hold deep gratitude and feel its abundance.
Honour and strengthen your visceral intelligence. You are not singular in this experience.

Remember the alchemy of your spiritual embodiment journey.


(you may have noticed only poetic musings have been flowing this week from me. I had a profound crown chakra 👁️ experience last weekend and have been enjoying the eclipse energy awakening something in me, particularly since the Solar Eclipse had me (and many of us) in the depth of sorrow and hopelessness. Prayer and holding onto a vision has lifted a veil. And for now these visionary experiences are best expressed via my word love poetic musings.

Have a blessed weekend ❤️🙏🌕
Sending hugs and love ☺️

*word love offerings for Scorpio Season, the lunar eclipse vibes, and witnessing the living affair of my natal Sun ☍ Pluto 3°♏︎

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