12:12 New Moon 👁️🌑♐️

Posted on: December 12, 2023

12.12 New Moon Energies


New Moon exact this evening at 23:31 UT (Portugal/Eire time)


May this 12.12 Sagittarius New Moon birth the reminder of your purpose, the joy of observing the path unfolding, and deliver compassionate wisdom to overflow from your Awakening Heart.



Initiate of Expansion, as a Child of the Universe, remember to Return with Wisdom brimming in your Heart and a Smile to keep your Awakening Eye afloat. It is not about reaching the Goal but what you Observe along the Way.


Seeker, it is your Quest to learn

as a Multi Dimensional Traveller

Pursue Higher Meaning to

Evolve your perception

Broaden your compassionate concepts

Grow the Creative Expression into fulfilment and share your Abundance with Joy


As you observe your growth Explorer, may you be reminded of your Aim: your purpose as a Visitor is to seek Truth that aligns with your unique Thread of Consciousness. And with your comprehension, illuminate thyself awakening the remembrance of the Cosmic Tapestry.


Light, Love, Manifested and Unseen

Has many modes of expression

Rejoice in each ephemeral and long-lasting finding.


Thank you for your illuminating guidance



Looking forward to gathering this evening in a very special ceremony 👁️

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