Virgo New Moon – Lilith on the Dragons Back

Posted on: August 30, 2019

“May the Goddess ascend on the back of her Dragon up through the Clouds, communing with the angelic realm, this journey assists the awakening of her community, altering the structures that define her home land so she can Bring the Light of a New Dawn.”

::: New Moon in Virgo: 30th August 2019. All those planets in mutable earth Virgo (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) in line with the Dragon Energy of the fixed star Thuban, opposing Lilith conjunct Neptune & the Virgoan energy in trine with Uranus and Saturn :::

Are you ready to press reset? What you intend and practice during this New Moon energy can and will be carried on for the next 6 months, so put in the effort, particularly to help you clear the old and be nimble to move into 2020 with great intent and heightened awareness.

Yes, times are changing. Consciousness is and has shifted.

When lands have been scorched (metaphorically or actually) it is initially uncomfortable to walk barefoot on ashen, hot or broken brush. But the Virgoan energy is agile and diligent and tends to itsits Soul Garden with precision and compassion. Leverage this energy for your benefit. This Lunation brings appreciation and acceptance of the required actions needed to provoke change.


The old soil that is burnt is now fertile. Applying this energy to your life – any emotion deemed irrational, any past trauma or experience that has scorched you or scars that have yet to become an accepted part of you are offered that opportunity to be healed now  -To Transcend.

New fertile land, in your soul garden is breading ground for your awakened consciousness. Intention is important now, and action that back this intention will be rewarded.

So forgive yourself, for scorching your Soul Garden. New Moon asks you to let go. Don’t torment over the fire that erupted erupted because it needed to do that to assist in clearing space (subconsciously or consciously) so you can get to work on making change. Be indifferent, but compassionately focused on your highest intent. Plough the new soil. Plant the new seeds. Water and tend to your New Soul Garden- with new eyes that can see. Eyes that are awake and that see every vibrant colour for what it is.  Marvel at the beauty in every plant and flower, every bug and creature that enters your garden to play with the joyful creation of life that you hold.

The world as we know it will change. So you are offered a chance to plant the seed of your dream world with this New Lunation in Virgo. Happy Gardening! 😉

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