○ Virgo Full Moon ○

Posted on: February 26, 2021
  1. Opening image by Ricardo Reitmeyer
  2. Paintbrush Warrior – Mark Henson Artwork


Full Moon Virgo

27th Feb 2021

Sun in Pisces. Opposing Mutable Earth Moon Quincunx Saturn in Aquarius and Quincunx Chiron in Aries.

One of my favoured axis is astrology: Pisces & Virgo. The sweetest challenge: Tending to the Service of Life. 

image by Ricardo Reitmeyer

Emotional Experiences brought to Light. On this Full Moon put order to these emotions and be with the healing lessons that weave Spirit through your Dreams and into your Soul’s Garden. Living these experiences consciously offers a glimpse of remembrance to heal and live with compassion for what life really is: The Dream manifested for you, the Soul Gardener, to tangibly tend to life on Earth, with its changeable seasons and climate.

Do you appreciate the happenings of your past? Do you live with integrity and respect for your future?

How have you learned that so far? Do you remember? Can you consciously live through these patterns? Cycles of varying repetition. Hurting, Healing, Loving, Living.

What comes of this? 

Frustrations only exacerbates your suffering. Awareness renders peace. Wisened Compassionate Action provides elevation from repetition, repetition nonetheless, but ascension through the Veils that conceal you from what you created.


Your Soul longs to remember. Through your own life’s lessons and healing these experiences and emotions, you are being reminded of your dream to embody Spirit and live out a Soul’s Journey, filled with heroism and entrapment, sorrow and joy, desire and pain.

If sadness weighs you down – look into this pattern, what is it teaching you to Remember? Sorrow is not blame or shame. A heaviness of heart is a forgotten Lightness asking you to Learn how to Live Soulfully in these Times.

Paintbrush Warrior – Mark Henson Artwork

If pain pangs every fibre of your body – seek within the intricacy of this emotional code, what is eager to spark your remembrance. Pain is not judgment or projection of your perceived inadequacy. Suffering is a Teacher of Compassion. Become the Master of your Lessons.

If passion is blazing through you – what are you building towards and carving out to manifest this desire? Passion is not entitled or overpowering. True Desire is a hope-filled instinct leading you on a path of Self-Attainment, lifting others as you rise.

If Joy lifts the corners of your mouth to beam your radiance out – remember this feeling, this experience … this is your parable. Joy is not ignorant or ostentatious. What are you learning? How are you responding & cultivating more of what makes you beam?

Look for the Light of the Moon this evening and smile at its reflection of your Souls Memories, invite them to decorate your dreams!


Lunar Blessings

Hugs & Love


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