Scorpio Full Moon 2020

Posted on: May 5, 2020

Full Moon in Scorpio 

May 7th 2020 11:45am BST (Ireland + UK time)


Sun in Taurus opposite Moon in Scorpio, Moon trine Neptune. Beltane gateway closes. Lunar Nodes shift for the next 18 months: North Node to Gemini. (see this post for more on nodes)


Can you feel the heightened fixed energy of earthy Taurus opposing watery Scorpio pulling you in for deep reflective transformation?

Sun warming the ground enticing movement for the steady Bull to be the sturdy container….

Moon bright illuminating the mystical and secretive shadows for Scorpio to rise to its power and transform to its fullest aspect.


Full Moon energy is felt by many,  but the Scorpio Full Moon tends to take the biscuit! Bringing all the deep and intense emotions out of their shadowy hidden comfort. Open under the Moon’s full glow and surrender to the Cathartic Illumination, trust the stronghold of the opposing Sun Invigorating your Body. This is where Embodied Enlightenment stems from. 


Whether the date is correct, that the Scorpio Full Moon is the actual event by which Buddha Awakened to an Enlightened state; or if, like so many ancient texts, they were so gifted at metaphorical languaging that they encapsulated the astrological symbolism of this archetypical occurrence and aligned the macrocosmic energy to the living microcosm of the leading guru and deity of that era. Who knows?!


This is what the Scorpio Full Moon offers – an Embodied Awakening. 


Taurus symbolises the Sacred Vessel that holds our Spirit 

  1. the Bull as the immovable, headstrong and stubborn bovine force that charges blind red only if provoked
  2. the Body as our remarkable physical capability that sustains us and requires our nutritional and materialistic maintenance 
  3. the Sacred Cow as the humble presence and worth, honoured and sacrificed along with its equivalent – Earth’s gracious land body
  4. the Mother that patiently nurtures, contains the creative force within, birthing life from her own dark night of the soul – the shamanic birth


Scorpio represents the many layers of the Emotional Soul: 

  1. the Scorpion as the fearful sting that defends its vault of hidden secrets to those who dare pry
  2. the Serpent as the seductive wild spirit that pleases and tempts your every desire but can poison if mistreated
  3. the Eagle as the all seeing eye, elusive observer that keeps its predatory tactics close to heart used only if / when needed
  4. the Phoenix who rises from the ashes of its own trail of destruction to empower Life back to the Soul to soar to new heights


With Neptune offering ease and harmony in this lunation, there is an opportunity to be found in this deep metamorphic period of awakening. 

Neptune’s dreamscape offers the effervescent boundless spectrum of colourful hues and harmonic tones – so remember your spiritual calling from there. 

But two extreme scenarios we could face; one: being numbed and lulled back into comfortable slumber, manipulated or disempowered and the weaknesses of our vessels falsely magnified;  or two: inspired to transcend into that in-between state of the Awakening Embodied Human, ready and competent to ascend along the transitions of the Soul Path. 


Be Unafraid, Be Present, Empower your Heart to lead your Body and trust this Awakening of the Great Mind. 


You are not alone, use your enlightened intuition of this Full Moon to guide you, to remind you how to Ground your Unique Light for your own empowerment and inspiring that in the collective. 


This Full Moon calls for a symbolic death to be brought to Light making way for your creative birth to emerge and transmute what no longer serves you. 

Feel it ALL. Feel the fear and move through it: release the grip on your buried darkened aspects, this Full Moon reclaim them, appreciate them – LOVE them – and let them become the honoured ground to lift you up to Be your Full Soul Self!


Full Moon Blessings


© 2020 Danielle Donnelly Smyth       @12thSpace  


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