♓️ Pisces New Moon ♓️

Posted on: March 11, 2021

Image by @jonchinart


Pisces New Moon

13th March 2021

Moon conjoins Sol in the Exchanging Heart space of Mutable Water ♓️

The Spirit of Nature Inaugurates a Vision of Radiance as Chiron and Ceres unite in Cardinal Fire ♈️


. . .

Gaia is calling to you:

In your Dreams

Through your Ideas

Feel it charge your Body

Igniting your Might

Morphing your Reality


Merging suffering and creation

Endings forming beginnings

The lines are blurred

As the Spirit of Gaia transcends from ether to ignite our conscious connection to our manifested experiences

Touch the Earth, your body’s skin to Hers

Feel that pulse of Pure Life Essence in everything


Awakening that transitional capacity within

To Grow and Heal

Listen to your Heart

Resonance or Discord

Your cells and higher consciousness already know

It’s Time to Trust again

Reform that relationship with yourself, with Nature

Reconnect to the Sanctity of Life


Earth knows how to Heal, how to Be part of this Cosmic Creation. Let Gaia’s Energy Enlighten Humanity. Listen to Earth’s Rhythms. Humanity can remember how to Heal and move through Suffering to Self Realisation.

? Inspired by Andrew Smith’s webinar available via the Blue Rose Astrology School

. . .

Image by Andre Sanchez

Move into and beyond the pain and the suffering. Not the easiest feat, and not just the numbed out pretence that everything is rosey. Feel your pain, unapologetic for your version of your experiences, incomparable to another yet united in compassionate empathy for the potentials of experiences others reflect to you.


Your tribulations are proof you are here, living now. Merge into it, the melting pot of the Healing Heart, grounded to Gaia’s Heart, tethered to the Cosmic Source Heart. Here you are exchanging your Life Experiences and become conscious of this Triple Heart Connection – a beautifully unique vessel communing Light into Manifestation.


You are here experiencing one thread of the Dream. Yet, on the liminal level of consciousness you are witnessing the colourful creation of your intricate tapestry coming together. A Great Conscious Creation is weaving through you and all things that exist in and beyond your perceived reality. 


At times the dream may feel like a nightmare, conjuring up your greatest challenges, reflecting your insecurities back to you, and testing your Patience, Will and Identity… Yet in this multifaceted manifestation of creation, can you remember to commune with the Heart of Soul? Guiding you to Heal and Transform through your suffering, to share your Wisdom, to Enlighten your Heart as you Exchange with life in this dimension.


Allow this Dark Moon in Pisces to open you to moments that ignite this remembrance in you.


. . .

Art by Malcom Horton

When you take a moment this weekend to tune into these energies at play, remember “As Above, So Below”

You are not separate from this, you may not perceive it how I describe it, but you will feel this essence if you trust your own thread of Light, let your Heart guide you. Connect your Mind’s Eye to your Heart to your Belly what can you feel or imagine? Then, connecting to Earth, you are the communication line between Gaia and the Cosmos, listen and feel the current or pulse of life running through you. It is in you and in all living things around you. Perceive through these awakened senses. Drink that lush feeling in.


Then meditate and ask yourself:

Have you felt lost in the chaotic complexity and entitlement of Life? Can you no longer ignore that feeling of the maze dissolving and your rapidly blinking to awaken from the amnesia?

Or have you found yourself seeking to escape the overwhelming ocean of emotional experiences, unable to cope with the screaming suffering? 

Have you phased INTO the deafening buzz and faced the noise of pain, gone beyond to the numbing silence, becoming more than, merging beyond and then to hear the celestial chords humming for the transcendent joy of realisation? 

Realising, remembering, healing. Accepting, loving and inspiring. Hold a space in your Heart to feel it all, to feel it for Gaia, to heal and transcend suffering with wisdom to go on and compassionately inspire. 


Invite the Spirit of Nature to subtlety colour your Remembrance of the Vision as you relish in the New Moon Meditation.


And finally, never invalidate your experience, stop feeding the narrative that there will always be someone worse off, or who would deal with that situation “better”, therefore your emotions and response to an experience is worthless – No, no longer. Your life is worth your compassion, love and acceptance. Start there and heal your own wounds, elevate the perpetuating cycle and liberate your perception. Grow and ascend with grace and wisdom through each experience. 


New Moon Hugs and Love



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