Diamond Chakra Meditation

Posted on: January 3, 2020

Despite how you may be experience this – you can always come back to your own energy and tune in here and manage that. By visualising your chakras and intending Diamond Light radiate there you are creating the energetic flow of energy to be assimilated to its necessary associated:

body parts,

trapped emotions, emotional traits and reactions,

mental programmes, beliefs and perceptions…

and any other conscious or unconscious blocks, restrictions that may linger there.

No judgement on energy and how it manifests, just compassion and intention to set it free. So enjoy practicing this meditation to liberate and upgrade your chakras to their crystalline aspects.




🌍 Earth Star Chakra: Below your body (15-30cm) – connects to your Karma, your collective life skills here from Earth, DNA correlations, your seed of Soul Essence – less personal more a Soul Quality  – linked with Soul Star Chakra Above head.

(all chakras radiate in all directions, their energy can be felt at the front or back of the body location)

🧱 Base Chakra: At the tailbone, perineum – connects to your sense of security, survival your physical existence now, your strength of structure. The primal energy you hold.

Sacral Chakra: In the basin of the pelvis – connects to your reproduction, sexuality and emotional fluidity. how you respond to instinct, intuition on a deep cellular memory level. How you flow and move with energy within.

🕸 Navel Chakra/Gateway:  at the navel, belly button. – connects to your etheric web of all connections, how your energy body engages with others, experiences and energies. The umbilical cord to energy that feeds you (yin and yang / good and bad)

☀️  Solar Plexus Chakra: at your diaphragm, between navel and base of sternum – connects to your power centre, your confidence, self-esteem, projection, will and drive to take action and engage with energy around you.

💎  Heart Chakra: at the centre of your chest, from base of sternum to the clavicle notch – connects you to all Love. Pure Heart Energy, the essence of your Life, your Soul, your spark. Linking to your health, healing and acceptance of energy. Your indifference to energy, non judgement and total acceptance of what is.

📣  Throat Chakra: at the throat, from clavicle notch to roof of mouth – connects to your self expression, truth, creative communication, and communion of energy. It is the filtration point for energy from above and below, how you can fuse spiritual and physical guidance and express it and form a reality.

📡Ear Chakras: links to Throat, works in partnership like ‘satellites’ to perceive audible energy (full range of sound) (links with Sacral Chakra for expression)

🧿  Eye Chakras: physical eyes and centre of the forehead – Brow Chakra – connects to your perception and intuition, how you view your reality, what your dream, imagine and perceive is your reality. How you discern this perfection is your trained and conditioned mind  – to truly observe from the minds eye, rather than a projected perception requires focus and and strength of will (link with Solar Plexus)

👑  Crown Chakra: at the top of your head, either viewed as one point or an entire circle like a real crown surrounding the head – connects to your understanding, comprehension from the seat of an observer – true wisdom is aware of All levels of consciousness, can oversee all other chakras, listens to what the body/energy of the Being needs. And acts as a gateway of the energy that is required for this body to withhold. (links with the Base)

🔮 Causal Chakra: back of the skull – connects to channelled information, higher guidance, an additional part of the matrix at the Brow, Ears and Crown that forms the ‘energy traffic control tower’ of information and intuition. Like an antenna, the radio connection to All forms of Life Source energy that we require for our existence now. This is where your Guides, Beings of Light and Soul Family communicate with you.

🦄- Additional Unicorn Horn (s) at the front of your head  – is similar to the merging point of the Brow and Crown. I see this as just an extension of the energy channels we can choose to have access to.

🌟  Soul Star Chakra: above the head (15 – 30 cm) – connects to your origin of Soul Purpose – your dharma. Your key to enlightenment, or how to transcend with your Souls Design. Links to Earth Star Chakras – both  seeds of your Soul. One to this Earth’s collective experiences + skill and the other (Soul Star) to the Over Soul Purpose.


🧬  Stellar Gateway: above your Soul Star Chakra (essentially this can be seen as your Creator Aspect – so can be as far up as your consciousness wishes to expand to or above your body to the extent at which you want to perceive. either way it is the intention to connect to your Higher Self/ Your Monad and the Source of All Creation) It is the hot white gold liquid of pure star light and creation. You are plugged in here and you feed from this energy. You are a fractal of energy originating from here.


Two Clips:

  1. First is more of a “class” sharing thoughts on chakras and backing up the visuals of the following meditation tool. PREP VIDEO
  2. Second clip is the meditation or guided visual for activating the diamond energy in each of your chakras and grounding within. For these days leading into the Saturn Pluto conjunction it is a great tool to strengthen your energy and release, or shed your old skin and embody the new crystalline form. MEDITATION


Please take this as just a friendly reference to assist this energy we are cycling through.

In Joy!

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