12:12 Portal Meditation

Posted on: December 12, 2019


🌟The spotlight is on the Story Teller, sharing perils of wisdom as they narrate their reflections back over time. Offering a conclusion and a lead into the sequel for our amusement and training. Breathe it in! 


🧬12 – A high vibration number, symbolising completion, wisdom, ending + beginning, going beyond perception, using all one has learned to shape-shift into a new form to continue again with new perception. 


♊️ Gemini – mutable air: Communication, perception, neutral energy. Let your breath communicate with your nervous system. Mutable Air governs the nervous system – your body’s switch board. INHALE deeply and consciously, relaxing your shoulders, expanding your torso and filling your belly. Slowly EXHALE fully and completely before repeating that cycle again. Practice this regularly and you will notice how your body responds from a wiser + more calm perception. 


🌬A time to clear the mind of excess chatter, anxious tendencies may be running high so balance this with conscious breathing, moving the body to express yourself (dexterity in your form is a method of communication), journalling and automatic writing can help to offload the monkey-mind, listen to music to alter your mindset, read something that is uplifting or assists your growth of mind and perception. Better still join my online event 😏


🌕Full Moon – a time to celebrate the abundance, and/or shed illumination on an area that is running too high and needs to be released. Reflect back to the New Moon in Gemini 3rd June, the seeds from that time are in bloom – how can you tend to your intentions? What you hold in gratitude will continue to blossom, what you recognise as surplus can be compassionately released.



10 days gateway until the winter solstice 

Powerful days in the cosmic womb space before the Light is born again on 21:12


And 1 month away to the 12:01:2020 grand reset Saturn and Pluto conjoin and this will have a collective impact on how we move forward with our own and Universally empowered structures of Divine Embodiment. 

– I recommend revisiting this meditation or similar tuning in the lead up to that date and then to the Jan 2020 date 


Sharing my visions surrounding this event: 

Since the end of November I have been getting loads of messages lead by ArchAngel Metatron, a long time guide for me, and the sharing of wisdom from the 12:12:12 portal back in 2012. 

I was shown how there is an old collective memory of an ancient time where this has been tried before – and that the fear or hesitations, or disbelief stems from the subconscious unhealed memories from the time of Atlantis, where this attempt triumphed but eventually failed.  

So, there has been a large collective of Light beings working on shifting this energetic imprint. 

I have learned from the Arcturians, Blue Beings of Light, 12th Dimensional Dragons & Beautiful Angels and some Ancient Egyptian deities whom have held a karmic pattern but have completed their service now. 


The main shapes I have been seeing are Pyramids, and Diamonds – Merkabas too. 

Grids and networks of communicating energy, telepathically, light codes and sounds too. 


A big healing on the Nervous system – Gemini governs the nervous system – but there is a focus on the Sacral Chakra – where we store cellular memories, emotional and plasma like structures. 

All of this is shifting and calling out to be heard – times are changing and it wants to move with this new energy. 


Release what is not serving you. Release what you can no longer serve. Be razor sharp in what you hold and how you can manifest by aligning to your breath and awakening your perception to All That You Are


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Thank you! 



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