Want to remember more about why you are here and how to best serve your own energy? Let’s look at your Natal Chart and current transits to guide you how to navigate whats mapped out in front of you.

Online Consultation or Chart Art as a framed gift


Soulful Pampering – Energy Healing, Reiki, Cacao Ceremony, Etheric Journey, Clairvoyant Channelling, Crystal Healing, Yoga and Astrology Reading.

30 mins, 1 hr, 2hrs…. Online or in person

Costs per hr listed here. Donation accepted… we can make it work. Get in touch!


Are you in need of some guidance as you wake up and remember all your intuitive gifts? Are you an energy healer/teacher in need of guidance and a little healing?

I have always had mentors from 13 years old right through to present day. We are only human after all and at times need support and guidance too!


Dublin: Dublin Wellness Centre, 28th July, Guided Etheric Journey & Healing Meditation with Ceremonial Cacao. Booking Here>>

London:  August  TBC – Cacao Ceremony – learn about the power of Cacao (100% raw ceremonial grade chocolate) with guided meditation.

ONLINE COURSES and EVENTS. Read more here>>



Similar to the solo sessions, I offer group gatherings to share the secrets of the cosmos, to hold an empathetic space for healing, transformation, celebrating and honouring.


A big passion of mine is making conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood sacred. What mothers and parents go through to bring a new life to Earth is so important, the honouring of this phase in a persons life is vital to the energy of the child, the total wellbeing of the mother and the bond of the family.

Energy Healing to help with fears, anxiety, and guidance during this huge transformative time.

TTC (Trying To Conceive) or Conscious Conception Ceremony/ Healing work.

Empowered Active Birth workshop – you and your birth partner.

Sacred Pregnancy Ceremony: Baby Shower with a sacred twist!

Post Natal Care and Support.



Check out The Library filled with resources, online courses, downloadable guide books, and meditations.

Courses: Enhance your Intuition, Learn the basics of Energy Healing, Chakra Wellness, Crystal Healing, Active Birth, Connect to your Angels and Dragons, Personalised Ceremony and Home Alter Creation. 

Please email to purchase or for 1-2-1 mentoring on the above courses.