I love sharing insight and wisdom, either learned from my studies or tried and tested for my own journey with ascension. Collected from my teachings over the past 10 years, I have compiled my best classes and courses here in an online school for you to gain access on the go, wherever you are! 

Courses & Classes include:

  • Space Clearing
  • Cacao Mentoring
  • Crystal Healing
  • Sleep + Dream Crafting
  • Energy Healing Basics
  • Altar Creation
  • Simple Ceremony

Join me at The 12th Space Ascension School



“Understanding my own astrological energy literally changed my life and how I engage with my life!”

Let’s look at your blue print, your personal code, the map to discover how to live your life to your greatest potential.

Book a session with me to review your Birth Chart and current transits to guide you how to navigate whats mapped out in front of you.

45min review €55

90min in-depth consultation €111

Astrology Guidance


“Everything begins and ends with energy, work through it on an energetic level and you will experience major changes.”

As a visual intuitive, experienced energy therapist and ascension teacher we can work together to give you greater clarity, peace, confidence and self-love!

Book a Soul Healing Session with me to get you shining your Light in the best way you can.

60 min consultation €77

90min consultation €111

Soul Healing Session


“Danielle’s incredible ability to hold a clean/neutral space, helped me feel safe and calm, while not attempting to “fix” or have any expectations of me, allowed me to connect with myself (and soul), and experience new levels of consciousness, in a profound and transformative way. I am eternally grateful for her gentle guidance. Facilitators and practitioners who are mindful enough of not bringing their own “stuff” into healing experiences are unique, and I suspect it’s not a skill that can be easily taught – so perhaps Danielle’s ability to hold space is a natural gift.” Sarah Allison


Group Healing Ceremony (Private Booking)

Please email for pricing and availability. Location flexible, currently in The Algarve, Portugal taking private retreat bookings.

Check out my events in The Algarve, Portugal + Dublin, Ireland + London, UK

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ZOOM Ceremony & Guided Meditations