12:12 Full Moon Ceremony @ ONLINE via ZOOM

THURSDAY, DEC 12th, 2019 7:30pm GMT

Join me in celebrating last Full Moon of 2019 on the high vibe day 12:12 with an Online Ceremony, AstroEnergy forecasting – one month away from the grand reset conjunction 12 Jan 2020, Ritual Guidelines and Tips and a Guided Meditation. This will be recorded and you can re-listen to the meditation as it will relate to the January energy!

Date: Thursday, 12th Dec 2019

Register via email. Send in questions if you cannot attend in person.

Winter Solstice DUBLIN Cacao Ceremony

SATURDAY, DEC 21st, 2019 11:00m-2:30/3:00pm

Dublin Wellness Centre Dublin 2, Ireland

Join me in celebrating the Light at Winter Solstice with a Cacao Ceremony, AstroEnergy forecasting, Healing Ritual and a Guided Etheric Journey with Sound Healing. We will be tuning into the energy for Jan 2020 grand reset! Looking forward to sharing insight with you!

Date: Saturday, 21st Dec 2019

Register via email.

New Moon Cacao Ceremony in The Algarve, Portugal

WEDNESDAY, NOV 27th, 2019 6:30pm – 8:30pm GMT

Join me in celebrating the New Moon with a Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing, AstroEnergy forecasting, Moon Rituals  & Guided Etheric Journey Meditation.

Date: Wednesday, 27th Nov 2019

Register via email  & PayPal below