Awaken! Urban Retreat @ Dublin Wellness Centre

SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2019 10am – 3.30pm

Chakra Yoga & Cacao Ceremony with an awakening Soul Healing Journey
We start our day with Chakra Yoga to reinvigorate and unite our body and breath.  Followed by a heart opening Cacao Ceremony with a guided healing meditation, transformative breathwork and crystal healing.
You will be guided on an etheric vision journey to awaken you to your own healing potential. Enjoy a cup of ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala to enhance this heart-opening and soul healing journey. This healing experience will be assisted by crystals and transformative sound.


Date: SUNDAY, JULY 28th

Times: 10AM – 3:30PM

Cost: €55.00

Active Birth Workshops ONLINE


This active birth workshop with Danielle Smyth is designed to prepare mums-to-be for labour and birth and provide top tips and practical advice for birth partners. Based on yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques), and visualisation methods to coach the mum-to- be through her labour and birth.

What you can expect to be covered in class:

Mental comprehension of labour & birth

Approaching the 6 weeks prior to birth

Stages of labour (1-4) & hormones

Physical preparation for birth & pain relief (hospitalised and alternative)

Relaxation & breathing techniques & visualisations, affirmations, meditations

Mobility during the first and second phase of labour, best positions for labour

4th Trimester, breastfeeding basics, first 6 weeks after birth

Danielle’s Shamanic and Ceremonial Practices for Empowering Mothers (and fathers too!) During different stages of Pregnancy, Labour and Parenthood.

via ZOOM

Cost: £150.00 per couple

Online course: Repeat the course material whenever you need to!

Summer Solstice Ceremony @ ONLINE via ZOOM

Friday, June 21st, 2019

Join us in celebrating the Summer Solstice with an Online Ceremony, AstroEnergy forecasting, Ritual Guidelines and Tips (emailed in advance) and a Guided Meditation.


Date: Friday, June 21st

Cost: £20.00