Beltane - Fire Festival, Wheel of the Year Celebration

Join me in online ceremony to celebrate and honour the energy of Beltane: one of the Fire Festivals of the Wheel of the Year.

This is a Live Zoom class + guided ceremony.

I will be guiding with Cacao (for my cacao tribe) you can order via this link or if you don’t have cacao, use herbal tea of your choice.

The recording will be loaded as a class on my ascension school.

Date: 1st May

Time: 6:30pm 2 hrs

Cost: €22

Includes: online class/slides offering interpretation of Beltane energy and how we can use this time now. Healing rituals + ceremony set up (2 candles needed), and a guided meditation / etheric journey and our cherished Sharing Circle.

Paypal link below gives you access to the Zoom Link and online class.

Ready to Remember? Guided Journey + Healing Meditation

ONLINE ZOOM Class & Meditation

This week I have been sharing some stories of the Elements and Ancient Eras, that I began sharing back in January 2020 – check it out on my instagram or this blog post.

Join me in talking some more about these times – Lemuria and Atlantis, and about the astrology of our time that draws a parallel.

I’ll talk you through some simple practices to tune into this elemental energy and guide you on an etheric healing journey.

Cost: €11

Email for the Zoom Link

This class will take place:

Saturday 18th April 2020 11:30am-1pm (Lisbon/London/ Dublin Time)

This whole class and meditation will be available after the Live recording as a class download via my Ascension School if the live time doesn’t suit.

Global Peace Meditation & Pluto Jupiter Conjunction Class

ONLINE ZOOM Class & Meditation

There is a global meditation going viral for a great cause – so let’s get involved! I wanted to reach out and connect with my tribe to offer you some guidance, insight and encouragement to get involved too.

Here is the YouTube link and more info via the website

This Global Meditation is set for 3:45am Dublin/London/Lisbon time – I will be joining in but not live and with a camera in my face at that fresh hour! 😉

But I wanted to offer a space to discuss this astrological energy with you as well as a meditation. We will be uploading it to the time line but of course if you also like to do it at the same powerful global time do too!

Join me in learning about the astrology of this time: Jupiter conjunct Pluto, and a recap on the energy we are cycling through.  (1 hour : 30 mins discussion/30 mins meditation)


Free  – as this is a global meditation, I am only adding my insight to a wonderful cause and would like to connect with my tribe and tune in with you for this event. Donation is greatly appreciated but is also totally optional if it aligns with you at this time.

Here is the Zoom link:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 219 117 676

This class will take place:

Saturday 4th April 2020 11:30am-12:30pm/1pm

This whole class and meditation will be available after the Live recording as a download and via my YouTube if the time doesn’t suit.

Spring Equinox Class and Guided Meditation

ONLINE + Pre Recorded

Join me in celebrating Ostara, Spring Equinox and Aries Season

This festival is the ideal time to honour and activate your potent Light – Chi, Qi, Prana…. this is a time of our Life Force Awakening. A resurrection of what our Light can achieve when we unite and find balance (equinox) in Body and Soul.

Cost:  €8.61

Join the Class HERE>> 

This link will take you to my Ascension School where you can purchase the Ostara Class & Meditation

Also check out the Free Resource to inform you about the Wheel of the Year

In Joy

Global Healing via Zoom

Join me and unite together online via ZOOM to celebrate Ostara and send out a global healing to Gaia and Humanity.

Due to the Corona Virus, I chose to cancel my Cacao Ceremony and instead created some online rescources for you to enjoy.

The Ostara Class and Guided Meditation is prerecorded and uploaded to my Ascension School Here>>

To join the ZOOM Meditation

FRIDAY 7pm -8pm (GMT, Dublin, London, Portugal time) 20th March 2020

Please click the Paypal link below to book your spot and I will send you a link for our Zoom Room

Cost:  €5

Piscean New Moon Guided Journey


Join me learning about Pisces Energy and use this guided meditation and playlist as part of your New Moon healing ritual. Once you have ventured here once, you will want to and can repeat this meditation as often as you need to assist with deep healing and connection to your Higher Self.

Cost:  €8

Take me to the Recording

Angels & Light Beings Class + Meditation

VIA 12th Space Ascension School

: class, meditation + recording :

Once you buy you have lifetime access!

Join me in in learning about the Angels, how to call on them, connect with them, practice (with guidance) how to sense them

Angels  – The most widely notes Guides of Humanity. They benevolently guide from the aether. Whispers, senses, glimmers, comforting presence…. Connection by many wondrous ways. 

Cost:  €11

Register via 12th Space Ascension School

Pisces Season: Celebrate Pisces and the New Moon

THURSDAY, FEB 20th, 2020 6:00pm – 8:30pm GMT ALGARVE, PORTUGAL

Join me in celebrating Pisces Energy in the lead up to the New Moon with a Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing, AstroEnergy forecasting, Rituals  & Guided Etheric Journey Meditation.

Date: Thursday, 20th Feb 2020

Cost:  €33

Register via email  & PayPal below