EXPAND THE DREAM: Jupiter Neptune in Pisces

on the 12th April 2022  Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Pisces


Expand the Dream Online Webinar + Meditation

SATURDAY 9th April 




Expand the Dream Embodiment Ceremony 

(in person in Vale do Lobo, Algarve) 

TUESDAY 12th April 



Cacao and Sound Ceremony Aligning with the exact moment of this conjunction



Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

This astrological alignment has not happened since 166 years ago. This Energy Dialogue is symbolic of the Transcendent Expansion we collectively Dream about. 

There is something quite awesome about this energy, it is seeding the Dawning New Era, it is calling the creative space within you to feel, listen and become moved by a transcendent vibration that has an abundant capacity to alter the reality upon which we see disintegrating before our eyes.  

I was so fortunate to travel to Dublin to be held by my teachers Andrew Smith and Karen Morgan of the Blue Rose School of Astrology in a day long embodiment event, this has hugely opened my hope and vision of something quite sublime. I am so grateful I can share this energy healing practice with you here in the Algarve. For what we envision and remember to align with has a profound ripple effect on the collective DREAM for Reality. There is something quite beautiful there for us to awaken to. 


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Sun & Moon - Astro/Energy Dates

Upcoming Dates + Events:

18th March : 🌕 Virgo Full Moon 

20th March Spring Equinox : ☀️ Sun moves into Cardinal Fire Aries

20th March Aljezur : Sam Garrett Concert with Danielle offering Cacao Opening Ceremony

24th March : Language of Energy 9 week Course Begins

1st April : 🌑 Aries New Moon

2nd April : ☀️ Sun Conjunct Chiron Join my CHIRON EVENT 1st April

12th April : Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Join my in person event 12th  April

16th April : 🌕 Libra Full Moon

20th April : ☀️Sun moves into Fixed Earth Taurus

30th April  :  🌑 SOLAR ECLIPSE Join the Cacao + Sound Ceremony

5th May : ☀️ Astrological BEALTAINE Sun at 15° Taurus (Wheel of the Year Festival)

I host Cacao, Sound + Astrology events twice a month, if you are interested in joining or visiting the Algarve and wish to partake, please send me an email  >>  to join my in person events


Sun Conjunct Chiron

Chiron Online Webinar + Meditation

30th March 




Chiron Embodiment Ceremony 

(in person in Vale do Lobo, Algarve) 

1st April 



Morning Cacao and Sound Ceremony invoking Chiron + Sol

Break for Lunch 

Individual Healing Embodiment of Natal Chiron


PAYMENT : www.revolut.me/danielle12th

EMAIL : to reserve space and to exchange your birth details so I can generate your chart for the event



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Healing with the Elements

This video class discusses Healing with the Elements: Using them for personal healing practices, rituals, affirmations and invocations.

Elements: Ether, Fire, Air, Water and Earth

I share a print out reference grid for the elements e.g. linking to the directions, ArchAngels and Elementals.

Enjoy the Healing Power by aligning with the Elements!