Autumn Equinox Webinar Ceremony

21st Sept 2020 18:00-19:30 BST (Dublin, London, Lisbon time)

Autumn Equinox Mabon Webinar Ceremony

ONLINE Webinar

Recording available after LIVE event.

Join me via Zoom for a webinar to learn about and align with the Wheel of the Year Quarter Festival Mabon (Autumn Equinox)

This online class is split with both information for home practice + ritual and an etheric guided meditation.

Optional addition: make your own Cuppa Cacao!

Email for links: Zoom Room + Ascension School Classroom

Suggested €10 Donation link below

90 mins

Donations and Alternative Payment

As many have asked if they can offer their chosen contribution toward my services in form of a donation button or a personalised pricing then here is the space for that.


If my services assist your journey, you can honour it with an exchange. Either share and promote my offerings to further my visibility with more loving folk like you, equally if you have financial abundance, donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.


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As you make any payment state and affirm “what I put out returns to me 3 fold” “And So It Is”

The Empowered Pregnancy + Birth Project

Join me for a journey of a lifetime!

This Project guides you through all stages of your pregnancy, birth and into motherhood.

  • Prenatal Yoga Classes
  • Empowered Labour + Birth Comprehensive Course
  • Postnatal Care and Yoga
  • Baby Yoga + Sound Healing
  • Community Zoom Calls
  • Oodles of resources….

Join at any stage of your Journey..

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