LIVE Zoom Guided Mediation & Etheric Journey

SPRING EQUINOX 20th March 2019 1pm GMT. 

Join me LIVE for a group etheric journey, channelled to guide you to harness the energy of Spring Equinox for your healing and transformation. We will gather online via zoom for 90 minutes.

The Spring Equinox is a very potent time energetically – it is the time of year when the sun crosses the celestial equator. This gives the effect of the day and the night being of equal length. This event happens twice a year: 22nd September and 20th March. In terms of balance and harmony, this is a rare and powerful time. This is why so many mythological and historical stories link to this time as a wonderful time of rebirth, resurrection and renewal.

This is a HUGE energy period, on top of the dynamic energy of the Equinox on Wednesday 20th March at 10pm (9:58pm), then a few hours later we have the Super Full Moon (third in a row – and final of 2019) in Libra (balance) on Thursday 21st March at 01:42am – and we are also mid way through the Mercury retrograde – a time of huge upgrade/introspective development for our perception and communication (communion definition – the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially on a mental or spiritual level.) This is a time where our energy will advance in consciousness – aware or not it is happening, and if you are here reading this then you are interested in taking part in this awakening on a conscious level.  It is a time to open up in meditation, see the bigger picture, be expansive.

This Etheric Journey that I channelled for the Spring Equinox will guide you to let go of the old patterns, an opportunity to release what no longer serves you. We will heal the wound between the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine aspects of ourselves. And invite in your hearts desires to manifest of the coming months.

This guided meditation/ etheric journey  will be conducted via Zoom at 1pm GMT on Wednesday 20th March 2019 (time converter). Once you have purchased your ticket for this event then you will be sent a link that will give you LIVE access to the call with me. After the call you will be sent a recording of the meditation to listen to at your preferred timing. (hint – ideally at 9:58pm GMT – the time of Spring Equinox! 😉



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SPRING EQUINOX Live Zoom Meditation

Ceremonial Cacao

Learn more about this super food and plant medicine.

“This divine food has totally altered my wellness. I have more energy, my moods are better, my meditation has deepened and my esp (extra sensory perception ) has opened up and has more structure to it. As a HSP (highly sensitive person) cacao gives me more strength and harmony with my intuition and empathy – my focus and quality of my endocrine system has been enhanced – and i do put this down to my daily dose of beautiful ceremonial grade raw cacao.⁣”⠀

You can purchase Keith’s Cacao through me and I can coach you and show you how to prepare, use and enjoy 100% pure Ceremonial Grade Raw Cacao.


Cacao is made from the edible seed of the Theobroma Cacao tree. These seeds, or “beans,” are the primary ingredient in regular chocolate and the only ingredient in the 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao. The beans are harvested from coloured pods that grow on cacao trees.

100% Pure, Ceremonial Grade Cacao makes every endeavour better!  Whatever your excitement, Keith’s Cacao will facilitate an ease in you, enhance the experience and bring forth your personal brand of magic!

The powerful nutrition in raw cacao produces a sustained boost of energy, lasting several hours, without the inevitable crash associated with other stimulating beverages / foods.


  • It cut’s through the mental clutter, enhancing focus and concentration while enabling you to hear your heart, making self-expression, creativity and connection easier and more enjoyable.
  • Depending on the dose it can help with sleep, cutting mental chatter and enhancing a sense of love and ease. Allowing you to access a deep healing slumber, perhaps even enhance lucid dreaming.
  • It can improve your focus and stamina at work, study or at the gym.
  • Most enjoyably it makes your spiritual practice – yoga, meditation, channelling, singing, artistic pursuits etc. Way more open, you feel more, you receive more.  

And our cacao does all of this while creating a gentle state of euphoria that makes everything seem brighter and more fun! Wherever you need to go on this journey, “cacao brings the door but doesn’t push you through it”.  This cacao helps you open and receive what is always available…

This powerful superfood, plant medicine has many benefits and uses.

“When mankind gets out of harmony with the natural world, chocolate comes from the rainforest to open people’s’ hearts and re-establish the balance.” Balance – a huge theme for today’s ceremony.

Most people report some or all of the following:

  • A sustained boost of energy, and mental focus
  • An increased heart rate and greater awareness of one’s heart centre or heart chakra.
  • Greater ease of identifying self-created limitations and emotional blockages.
  • Deepening and enhancement of spiritual and creative practices



100% Raw Ceremonial Cacao

Chakra Wellness Course

Please email for more about the Chakra Wellness course.

Either as an eight week course or purchase individual chakra workbooks to study in your own time.


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Crystal Healing Course

Crystal Healing Course and pdf download guide book.

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