Venus Retrograde – Triple Flame Meditation

Posted on: May 26, 2020

Venus Retrograde Triple Flame Practice 🌹✨🔥

Aim to do this for the Venus Retrograde cycle minimum 40 days (13th May-25th June)

Sit & Be in meditation:

I offer a suggestion but sit with your own variation, shapes + colours

Do it in the morning or evening – really whenever you do your practice.

Envision or create a 5 or 8 pointed star around you / in front of you (crystal grid, draw it out on or use twigs, twine, flowers etc)

Breathe + get into 💗 Centred Awareness
Call in the Violet Flame to encircle you (or colour that comes to you). Imagine a series of flamed rings around you, like the latitude + longitude line on the globe – continuously connecting you to your Higher Self, grounding you, protecting, purifying + transmuting your energy.
Call forth a Blue Flame (colour of choice) to actively move + clear all conscious\unconscious aspects that are outside of you, linked to you + pulling you off your True Centre (past, present, future, all relationships, technology devices, social platforms, thoughts, emotions, all dimensions, timelines, realities + densities)
Invoke the Pure White Flame to come from Venus + anchor into you. It flows down through your body like a wave + rises from from within. From base to crown, this Flame entwines through each organ, chakra + cell of your Being.
Imagine this Flame enlighten your shadows + ego, clearing the unhealed aspects of the Divine Feminine that you (un)knowingly harbour within – not just for you but for the generations past & the ones to come, and for the collective around you now.
You might see this as a star entering your vessel and spinning/scanning around clearing energy, or one of the embodiments of Venus like Inanna going in to do the Energy work on you.
When finished ground all flame’s wisdom of that day into a crystal or drawing of a 5 or 8 pointed star + keep that symbolic item with you or sleep with it under your pillow.
The practice shouldn’t take long, it can be a beautiful ritual on the days/evenings you have more time but can be done in less than 5 mins if needs be 💗🌹✨🙏 I would love to know your thoughts + experiences with this exercise, it came to me last night as I watched a lightning storm dance through the sky awakening my 3rd Eye.


Many have felt the internal stirs of late, Pandora’s box opened for a good airing – emotions fraught, tender heart seeking to find a rhythm with this dance that is shedding your attachments one day at a time – but you may put it down to other things.
Yes, other happenings may be causing these internal strings too. But we can also follow a map while we journey the unknown + it may just offer some valuable guidance.
We can use the larger cycles at plays + decode them. One pattern currently at play is Venus retrograde in Gemini (13th May-25th June) this particular planetary blueprint is about airing your materialistic attachments, rewriting your Heart’s scripts that you tell yourself + others.

Is there value in the information you listen to + allow infiltrate your Heart?
Do you exchange + connect from a deep soul-worthy place or one of greed + gluttony?

Is there an area for you that your Venusian archetype and energy (Love, Appreciation, Value…) can benefit from a rewriting, an upgrade of how you share these qualities with yourself + others? How do you bring these messages of Unconditional Love from your Spirit to Now?
Keep these questions guiding you, as you open to this inevitable shedding of your spirit incarnate now. A deep understanding of astrology is not required to gain its benefit – Inviting the Light of Venus into your body to cleanse emotional + mental patterns and long held beliefs will be of great healing benefit now.
If you have been sitting with the meditation visual I shared last week you may recognise or sense a part of your being (organ, chakra, emotion) come to mind. Each day love what rises from the depth. That is all it takes – your loving awareness on what is rising for healing now.
Additionally, locate in your own chart where 13° Gemini is (the conjunction point of Solar crowning for Venus) It occurs this year on June 3rd. What it tightly connects to this point in your chart is being brought on Her journey of descent, crowning + awakening.
Each individual journey is relative to their own energetic signature + map of their journey. Breathe in. Let Light into your Heart.
Breathe out. Let your Heart guide you.

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