Venus Myth – Descent of Inanna to the Underworld

Posted on: May 29, 2020

The myth of Inanna (Venus)

Her descent to the underworld is like many of the Hero’s Journey tales.

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Inanna (aka Ishtar from Babalonian texts) The Queen of Heaven and Earth, goddess of creative love and beauty seeks to meet with her twin sister Ereshkigal Queen of the Dead and the Underworld, the goddess of destruction and suffering. *side note these are one of the same being – my video of the story shares more on this concept.

As Inanna begins her journey she comes to a large impenetrable gate. Commanding entrance was not as easy as she expected. So accustomed to getting what she wanted, this enraged her. Furious she banged on the gate, demanding to be let in.

The underworld is tightly locked for a reason. And even though she is queen of land and creation this world will bare consequences to those who enter willingly or not.

The gatekeeper asked Ereshkigal if he can grant Inanna entrance before she ripped down the door unleashing the underworld up to the lands of the living.

Ereshkigal finally consents but under the same conditions as every other who enters the underworld.

All materialistic possessions, valuable attachments, items of egoic uphold and connections to her lifestyle that matter in the land of living would be stripped from her.

And so she is granted access through the large gate to the underworld but as she crosses the threshold her bejewelled crown is taken from her. Irritated she asks why- for this is her crowning glory to her status as Queen of Living Creation. The gatekeeper explained that if she desires to meet her sister within her realm of the dark underworld than she must adhere to these consequences. “There are 7 gates in total that you must pass. Each will strip you of your Light so you may meet your sister as an equal in her realm.”

Unfazed, yet irritated she continued her descent.

Each gateway stripped her of her possessions. Each gateway purified her attachments. As She ventured deeper She felt more of Her True Essence being revealed. Illuminating how those attachments had created a buffer around Her and had begun to block Her Light from really shining. 

(an extract from my article of the myth of Venus as Inanna + Ereshkigal – this is the part we have entered now as Venus Conjoins with Sol, invisible now, She is in the throne room. Full article + YouTube video Link in Bio)


She arrives in Her sister Ereshkigal’s throne room – naked + vulnerable. She meets Her sister – a reflection of Her own inner dark suffering. This space is where the Union of Light + Dark fuse to irrevocably transform – to enlighten! The invisible space of Divine Re-Union.  

Blinding…. Chaos… Fusion…. Awakening….


Ereshkigal is in pain, mourning the loss of her love (her consort had recently been killed in a battle waged by Inanna – perhaps Inanna had come to apologise, or to usurp her sister while in a fragile state… many myths tell varying versions – all versions share the complexity of human attachment, values, greed, remorse, justice…) 

Ereshkigal’s body is also experiencing an internal transformation through pregnancy causing her to face discomfort + suffering.


We can look at this part of the myth as showing the other side of the coin of life. Yes, life can be magnificent, joyous + enthralling. But the beauty of human life comes hand in hand with suffering. (Reminding you of the cycle of human experience. Life : to thrive + suffer are one and the same. 

When they meet + unite – accepting of each other, healing this perceived divide through compassion + shared experiences then Divine Union awakens within. It is the Unseen Magic, this is not comprehended yet by the Soul that sees itself as separate + individual. This invisible Union is the unspoken, the unnamed, it is the part of creation that blinds us, yet awakens us. Through the chaos + anguish, fusion is taking place. 


Divine Light is you. Divine Darkness is you. You at your core are ONE.

It is what is in your cellular coding + in engaging in your experiences. When the opportunity to enlighten rises, vibrating frequency, altering your cells + your perception of your experiences. That is why reaching enlightenment or Samadhi is written in ancient texts as a transition from the mundane reality. Because it upgrades the human experience.

You don’t leave your body or leave your reality. You engage with it in a new way. Your perception is altered. You live the human experience through an upgraded reality.


In this throne room of the myth, Light + Dark Unite. Both stripped of material attachment. Facing each other – on the verge Death + Life. Both sovereign beings: Inanna & Ereshkigal. But both living different fractals of the same essence.

They surrender to this Union – merging as One.


At this time the myth tells us that Ereshkigal’s anger (upon learning from Inanna’s confession of the cause of Ereshkigal’s consorts death) causes Inanna to die and be hung on a cross or hook for 3 days. This is likened astrologically to the invisible phase of Venus as she disappears into the Light of our Sun. Perhaps Inanna surrenders to the sweet release of death, perhaps she is slaughtered… free will – you choose.  

It is during this time that there is chaos in the Land of the Living. 

And the gods are asked to bring their queen back to the Land of the Living to restore love + beauty once more. Most of the gods deny this gift of life and say this is the consequence Inanna must face. But Enki (the god of wisdom) agrees and sends two androgynous pixies (Gemini) to retrieve Inanna.


They fly past the gatekeepers unseen + arrive at the throne room of Ereshkigal to find her writhing in pain from labour before child birth. They also spot Inanna rotting dead on a hook. The role reversal is amusing to the pixies. The invisible quality of  Life + Death fills the space.


They turn their attention to Ereshkigal + offer compassion for her pain + guide her to breathe (mutable air) through the birth of her child.

Following her child’s arrival + the joy she experiences she profusely thanks the pixies. Granting them anything they desire. They remember their mission to collect Inanna. To which Ereshkigal shares her waters of life + restores Inanna existence.

From the Dark the Light is born. Ereshkigal crowns, births + releases Inanna to the Land of the Living to restore balance + harmony.


Inanna begins her rise from the underworld + as she passes the gates, her jewels are returned to her enlightened + her Crown is placed on her head as she awakens on Earth as the righteous Sovereign Being of Creation.


I see this part of the journey as the Divine Union – Merging. Light aspect dying, the Dark aspect birthing anew. Inanna is the child reborn of her sister – her dark reflection. The duality of life. The Unite to Enlighten and transform, upgrade and yet still they separate to allow for yang/Light to continue to move and be active- that is its nature. Yin is held in the darkness of the Underworld- the womb of cosmic creation is not just in the Earth but in the cosmic dark matter that holds ALL together.


It is the nervous system that unites this passage with connection to breath and the message from Source or the god/ Sol. For where we are now this is Gemini – Mutable Air, the twin andgronous pixies, the messengers.


Astrologically, Inanna/Venus is crowned at She conjoins with Sol. Her Light is reborn from the invisible point as she faces her darkness. This is the Divine Union. Her yin (darkness) and yang (Light) unite to upgrade her experience of life on Earth. Her human experience is enlightened and she returns anew to Land of the Living to be the Light Bearer – the Morning Star Venus rises as Lucifer. Bringing Love and Light to all who perceives her again.

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