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Posted on: March 28, 2021

Full Moon in Libra

28th March 2021

Continuation of musings from Venus & Sol

26th March 2021

Broken Mirror/ Evening Sky by Bing Wright


A looking glass is a term for a mirror. Which curiously reflects back to you what you are projecting. But what if that mirror was distorted and the perception of your purpose and projection – the Truth – was lost, or hidden?  Yet, you believe the reflection because you have forgotten the joy of being mystified and to follow where your curious heart leads you?

The wonder of life is lost, the child is rushed to grow up, magic is dismissed and ostracised as strange, and inner power and connection to your own higher wisdom is condemned. Instead there is attachment to a way of life that is safe, in some way it’s hard to escape, or too easy to follow the known pattern and order that’s has been put in place.

Perhaps the eye that can truly see and observe went into a deep slumber. Maybe it was meant to be.

Or is it the other way around? Only when the conditioned eyes that you seem to perceive with fall asleep does the third eye awaken? Giving you an odd glimmer of what once was or what could be in an awesome utopia that your mind quickly rejects as nonsense.

What is True?

What is trapped in a distorted dream state, lost in an in-between world, feeling confused to what is ‘real’ and what is the beautiful imagination or what is the creative force that is already fated or what is manipulated… ? Can you tell what is Truth or what is an entitled reaction protecting your ego?

When the lines blur and the electrical pulse glitches, the illusion begins to fade and the eye sees the distortion and lie it has been living. Baffled by the audacity, ashamed for the ignorance and fearful of further deception, Trust is tender.

But eager to awaken and be a protector of the Truth, the valiant spiritual warrior rises. This time however, with Evening Star Venus in Aries, it has woken a wise warrior within. It is not fighting back with the same petty force that has become the conditioned method. There is a renewal of compassion and understanding of the spiralling cycle that is at play.

There is no need to replicate what has been before, or fight against what has been done, rather to now enhance the essence of Love fuelled living, embracing the variety life offers and forming a harmonic flow of duality, allowing for the Great Breath of Consciousness to expand and contract with ease, living in synergy as both the observer and observed.


Sit with a mirror, or a metaphorical looking glass, that opens your eyes to see your Truth, that guides your Soul to live in harmony and to heal the Trust of your Heart.


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