The Magic is Within

Posted on: March 17, 2021

The Equinox Portal is Open

Honoring my Irish roots with recognition to the Magic Within, the Invisible Force that cannot be banished.
St Patrick may be remembered for driving the snakes out of Ireland, but the serpent is rising again from Her Deep Slumber.

As we all know, the serpent is broadly referenced in ancient cultures to represent intuition, kundalini and the awakening life force.
Equally this Plutonian force can also symbolise the Divine Origin, the elevated alchemy of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine merging in Unison.

Equinox: the balance of Dark (yin) and Light (yang)

The Magic is Within


It can be oppressed and hidden, sometimes it falls into a deep slumber. But mighty and powerful it is and it is Rising


Seek Within to find the Beautiful Truth

There, is a spiral spinning

a coiled spring ready to soar

When you realise what you are, you will rise up and lift beyond the veil that clouded your eye


This wisdom found in ancient cultures, like Ireland, resonates because it speaks of the pattern of your magical force. Your Origin.


The Divine Spirit -that implicitly trusts the cycles of the Great Creation- is awakening from slumber, the Dark Night is coming to an end. Rising at dusk, the moment between then and what’s to come. Align with the harmonic balance restoring the perception of chaos and order.


Clear the sleep from your eyes – can you see? We are just fractals away from Origin. Repeating a myriad of cycles that spiral out seeking expansion of consciousness.


A potent time: The β™ˆοΈŽ Equinox Portal is open and Divine Order is echoing out across the fractals of creation. Peaking on 20th March.

A trigger point to prompt us to find harmony, to lift our head above the red case of forgetting, where blinding rage and impulsive entitlement stunt our growth. Now, this equilibrium calls us to return to a time of pure love and presence of mind.


This time also coincides with Venus and Sol’s conjunction on the 26th March. Igniting the Light of Manifested Spirit to fuse with our Consciousness. More on this soon…


For now, observe around you the dance of the Yin and Yang synchronistically rising and playing out for your life. Look with eyes filled with awe and wonder!


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