Lion’s Gate 8.8

Posted on: August 12, 2019

Are you feeling the energy of this time?


You might be experiencing a feeling of time whizzing by, a heightening of your awareness and intuition, unexpected endings and beginnings, divine synchronicity (previously referred to as coincidences 😉),  surprise at the ease of manifesting what you want (believe it, your thoughts are so powerful – be mindful what you wish for!) and vivid dreams, astral travel or deja vu.


If you are working with this energy consciously, meditating and tuning in to it – you could also be aware of Light codes or downloads of energy that is exciting you but perhaps also knocking you out, prompting you to take more time to rest and look after yourself – this energy is a faster and higher frequency so it will clear out your system of emotional patterns, physical ailments or mental conditioning that isn’t serving you.  Listen to your intuition what are you being prompted to do, to transform, to step up to? 

We are in the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal of energy. What’s that mean? Lion’s Gate is the term given to the midpoint of the zodiac sign Leo. From a spiritual standpoint the sign Leo relates to our Heart Centre. So this mid point is a time to really open and activate our heart healing. To draw in this regal energy for a boost of internal Light to rise within. Fixed Fire Leo – Internal Spirit, our spirit gets a boost! 


The Lion’s Gate also correlates with the Egyptian honouring of this star Sirius – the “Great Central Sun” or “Spiritual Sun”.  Sirius, is one of the brightest stars in our sky – the blueish tint one) starts its heliacal rise just before the sun in and around this time of year which is why this time – Lion’s Gate is considered so potent.


Heart Centred time of empowerment (Leo) + the Spiritual Sun (Sirius) rising = Potent time for heart based spiritual awakening. The time of Unity Consciousness. 


Earlier this year, the Solar Eclipse on January 5th saw Sirius align with Vega (5th brightest star – “the Messenger of Light”)  – which has set the theme for this year, culminating now after the eclipses we just had, so we will be ready to more fully embody and practice unity consciousness and end separation.


What all this means on a base level – it is time to shift how we connect – lead from our heart. Our hearts are the key to our spiritual evolution and connection to all things – people, places and cosmos. By syncing with this celestial alignment you are aligning to celestial bodies that symbolically indicate a spiritual heart awakening. (Rising of Sirius (Spiritual Sun) + Leo Midpoint (Heart, and inner spirit) = 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal. 

Essentially, opening up the willingness to let go of old patterns and embrace new ways of living with Love. How you apply this is your choice. Your choice to bring this attitude and awareness into your personality – into your home life, work life, parenthood and partnership. You choose. You empower yourself. 



Sovereign Heart Meditation

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