Lemuria & Atlantis

Posted on: April 16, 2020

Elements are also found in the stories of our ages. The Great Ages that span long before where our textbooks begin. Though all elements are found in each era, certain qualities are dominant for the purpose of attaining the Original Intention. (a follow on from my previous post about the Elements as a Healing Alchemy)


We can learn from these stories. Whether you have recalled these memories on your own accord through forms of meditation or you have studied + read the multiple documentations of these times – there is a message in every memory, in every story.
It will trigger something in you – a remembrance, an emotion; which calls to be reclaimed on your journey. This encourages it into our current + future timelines by harmonising the elemental quality of how we engage with reality.

There is a known era that functioned with highly evolved civilisations co-creating +existing within an energetic grid that united them to all forms of consciousness, on Earth + of the Cosmos.
Their awareness + maintenance of these Heart lines of the Earth + the Universe (aka lay lines or dragon lines 🔥) is the electromagnetic frequency connecting All things. These highly conscious beings existed in a range of expressions, from liquid to crystallised forms.

The more fluid expressions, with mutable cellular manifestations could shape shift + transport with ease because they functioned primarily on an energetic symbiotic plane. In a constant state of Oneness. Any manifestation or creation they performed was in line with the benefit to all. This was not an egoic expression of being.

Intrinsic to their state of being was a memory💧 of what they are + what their intention 🌬 is. That they are not separate from Source Energy, they are energy expressions of Source 🔥, manifesting to learn + expand self-awareness.

They were not carbon copy replicas, all doing the exact same thing, no –  they had a symbiotic understanding of each being’s Divine existence.
They co-created with respect + harmony for the energy they were engaging with.
They knew that all energy was in essence another expression of themselves, and engaging with that would lead to another possibility of creation. Infinite creation.

Time, physicality and other 3 dimensional states were not a large part of their learning experience.  Yet, time, physicality + 3D reality states ARE a large part of OUR current learning experience. Saturn is the ruling archetype of these qualities. Saturn is enjoying a year of deep transformation + currently a major awakening as it retrogrades in Aquarius.

An opportunity now for us is to balance + heal ourselves/cells during this year’s reformation, we could look to the story of this fluid like era, similar to the tales + memories of Lemuria + other Star Systems that share similar qualities of a more united force.

This fluid state of being is a part of who we all are, regardless of your understanding or belief of the story –  these qualities exist in our cells + the waters of our being. By activating the consciousness of our Heart connection, this charges 🔥 the cellular 💧 awakening within, so we can recall the intention 🌬, promoting harmony to be embodied 🌱within.

Have you got a symbiotic relationship with our environment? How can you reinforce a trust within and around you? Are you in congruence with the electromagnetic field that unites all?

– – – – –

There was also a more crystallised state of being 💎 which engaged with more of the 3D states of existence. These evolved beings also retained the memory of Oneness like that of the fluid-like beings mentioned above.

Equally, these crystallised states of being obtained manifestation techniques by anchoring via the Heart Grids 🔥 of the cosmos and of the Earth, into a crystalline molecular composition.
Using crystal grids and geomancy (organisation/design of structure to align with sacred geometry, the Sun ☀️ + other star systems✨) for the purpose of grounding Source Energy in alignment with the Original Intention. These structures reinforced new creative consciousness interactions, new ways of manifesting + a more complex way of learning of the possible expressions of Self.

The connection grid that exists between all living + conscious beings, elements + cosmic connections was reinforced with this 3D crystalline communication. Even though these were all part of the sacred connection that existed with the more fluid + etheric states of being, this more structured state further anchored it into the earth element + lower dimensional coding with a more physical connection, offering another elemental expression! 🙌
This one we are a lot more familiar with today😉

This includes:

🎶 Sound as a language: rather than telepathy. Using the vocal cords (spoken, sang) + instruments as a method of creative manifestation. Each sound carries a vibration that alters + engages with its reality.

💠Geomancy + sacred design: (feng shui) mentioned above.

🔢 Numerology + math: using sacred numbers + geometry to preserve the code of ancient wisdom interwoven in the Oneness of All.

🎨✍️Art, drawing + writing: all physical formations of expression to depict + share ancient wisdom, passing it on if telepathy fails + remembering ceases.

🤸🏿🧘‍♀️🕺🏻Physical movement: a familiar ancient art from across the ages + cultures. The movement of the body to harness vital force + prana was essential to embodying the Sacred Source Expression within a physical vessel.

As mentioned before + the purpose of these posts are a reminder of the opportunity we are cycling through now – time to balance + heal ourselves/cells during this year of metamorphosis, we can observe the story of this crystalline era, similar to the accounts + memories of Atlantis and even Egypt + other Star Systems (Sirius + Arcturius) that share these qualities of a more united force.

These fluid + crystalline states of being are a part of who we all are, these qualities exist in our cells + the waters of our being, in our physical vessels and the way we engage with our reality. By activating the consciousness of our Heart connection, this charges the cellular awakening within, so we can recall the intention, promoting harmony to be embodied within.

There is no exact way of being.
But there is a secret to awakening to a harmonious way of being.
Become the alchemical master of your own energy, engaging with your environment, tribe + cosmic connection by tuning into the elemental web of communication in ALL.


– – – – –


The eras in aforementioned, came to an end, they completed their cycle. Their endings are recounted as natural disasters of the elements: floods + earthquakes.

Some perceptions of these endings are from the cause of a mistake made, as misuse of energy – maybe. Another way of viewing it is that a new era was ready to be birthed. That one had lived a sweet existence, filled with highs + lows. All part of the learning journey.

For some of the individuals of this era they had reached a state of completion and evolved on, for others their experience of their end of era was abrupt + cataclysmic. this is part of the cycle of life. These are the extremes of course, the memories that are more prominent, but all variations exist + all perceptions of this era ran its course.

The tales + recollections of those times vary because each era has a web of experiences. Each thread of the web, and each cross-section of that thread has a varied perspective that is required so that the whole web hums with a full range of harmonic sounds, the full spectrum of colour – that is Creation – every possible variation experienced!
The entire grid 🕸experiences every possibility of that era.

Then once completed within that cycle, a new cycle begins. Some adjustments are made, some ways of being retained, some new experiments added to regress + evolve in a new way, beginning in a new era.

The remembrance is always there, somewhere. The same elements + codes of the Cosmos + the Source Heart are there. But a new cycle begins. It is an opportunity for the ones who transition between eras to carry the wisdom of the learning experiences from within to without, from past to future, from above to below.

This is our gift. 

As wisdom keepers, the rainbow bridge between eras, we get to choose how to engage with a new way of being. 


With Uranus still in the early years of its 7 year journey in Taurus – how we engage with our planet, the earth element, and how we embody in our vessel –  is getting a high voltage jolt of the Great Awakener’s energy, preparing us for the next cycle – the Age of Aquarius.

And with Saturn, Pluto + Jupiter working their magic in Capricorn (another Earth sign: physical creation) – playing a big role in this year’s events, we can equate that instead of a flood or earthquake happening to our external world to cause everlasting change;  we could view that what we are experiencing is an internal shaking, causing our own systems + beliefs that uphold us to fall and be rebuilt. Time to physically create a New Earth from the awakening + remembering within our bodies.

A flood is a metaphor for the flushing + deep cleansing of our system, that we are flooded with memories + reminded of our incredible connection to All around us so we can rise.

That both of the stories of a fluid and a crystalline state of being – perhaps relating to Lemuria + Atlantis, are stories to guide us to remember our potential when we go through such a metamorphic shift.

When we have reached the depth of our emotional pit + cleansed it out, stripped back to the bare essentials;
When the ashes burning on the old foundations that have been rocked become the fertile ground upon which our inner phoenix rises;
When we remember what a gift it is to have the opportunity to ground our celestial wisdom + unite with the Divine Heart field of All…
… Then we will have completed our own cycle, ready to usher in the birth a new era.

This Heart connection is the fuel to reawaken us to rise up + be the new foundation of golden era that we have long awaited.

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