Invisible Venus

Posted on: March 18, 2021

Invisible Venus

Venus is currently invisible, as the planet is so close to the radiance of the Sun, we cannot see Venus in our night sky. Nevertheless, continuing to emit her energy behind the Sun soon to reach a superior conjunction on the 26th of March 2021, where Venus will transition into the Evening Star – Hesperos, seen by mid-late April after sunset.

Similar to Venus’s rebirth to Morning Star last year 3rd June 2020 in Gemini, I shared the myths of Inanna and practices that correlate to this celestial happening and how we can utilise this energy for our own journey on the Human Experience. Looking back, that much needed energy was born into our nervous systems while our reality began it’s journey into chaos.

Venus/ Lucifer (morning star) the Light Bearer rose in Gemini governing the communication system of our body, how we connect to other and exchange our ideas. This energy now reaches a maturing rite of passage through Aries, to ignite our vision.

Contemplate the shift our exchange of Love has gone through? Can we grow with this awareness?  Instead of blame or misplaced judgement, shift up a gear within to manifest change that inspires rather than fuelling hatred.

The eclipse of Venus by the Sun, is energetically a renewing of your consciousness, as the Sun (which represents your vital force) is held in the loving space of the Divine Heart

I invite you to continue your journey with this powerful energy, much needed in our times now. Renewing your Consciousness held in the loving space of the Divine Heart.

The astrological archetype and energy that Venus represents at its higher vibration is: Harmonic Relatedness, the Manifested Spirit, Values and Worth, Beauty and Attraction, Love, Appreciation and Justice.

Lower Vibrations include: Vanity, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, and Sloth mainly pertaining to the physical and materialistic.

Venus plays a large role in the essence of our virtues and essence of being… the above sound familiar, right? The famous 7 deadly sins and heavenly virtues are the Venusian qualities we (as Spirit Manifested) play with in this human experience.

Venus can be likened to the Divine Heart of Holy Spirit that weaves through life’s elaborate and colourful tapestry lovingly connecting us all. Particularly now in the invisible space behind Sol, shining this energy into the Sun and then on to us experiencing this play of Light manifest on Earth, we can feel this essence igniting within. 

Read more about my vision during meditation with Venus recently that strings together the persona of Alice in Wonderland and the magnificent Light being infused to Earth now.


So, these days while Venus, the Divine Heart is invisible we are in a potent, highly charged, time where we can receive -through the looking glass/portal of our Sun- additional Light,  the magnificent Light of that celestial Divine Heart. This emphasises the importance of building harmonious relations and relating with justice and compassion.


Start this practice with yourself:

How are you embodying appreciation for your experience? Where can you grow with wizened compassion for your relations with others  (a reflection of self)? Are you willing to shed your own sense of entitlement and judgement for fair harmony that encourages the growth of beauty in All – including you?

. . .

Try this practice to aid your Spiritual Embodiment, connecting your awareness to your Heart that is the Divine Thread between the manifest and invisible realms. 

In the 5 days leading into the 26th (when the Sun & Venus unite) fuse your energy with a stone or crystal, (diamond, pearl,  lapis lazuli, malachite, rose quartz, emerald, copper, larimar, and kunzite hold the Venusian qualities among others) or into a drawing/ creation of your own hands (5 days to honour the 5 pointed star of Venus)

Hold the crystal and simply state:

 “My heart is open to receive.” x3

Visualise or feel the connection from your heart radiating out Love to All. Ground to the Heart of Earth, embracing Gaia/Tara, and connect to the Heart of the Cosmic Source, Pure Creation. Establishing an infinity flow (figure of 8) between the Tri Heart of which you are the centre.

You can add this affirmation that my teachers Andrew Smith & Karen Morgan have passed on to me to share:

“I am an instrument peace, where there is hatred, I sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.

“O Divine MaSter, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; for it is in the giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to external life.”

{Ma-Ster: Mother Star}

Let this crystal journey with you, placing it around your house or holding it on your person (pocket or as jewellery) allow this energy to fuse into your days and space in the lead up to Venus and Sol’s conjunction.

On the morning of 26th March, pause and breathe deeply. Smile and state “My heart is open to receive.”

Feel this vibration ring out – a clear resonance.

If you feel called to dive deeper with your practice with Venus, this embodiment practice is shared with Love and Respect to the Blue Rose Astrology School teachings and my mentors Andrew Smith and Karen Morgan.


  • Draw a circle, in your mind’s eye or on your floor denoted with crystals, candles, rose petals, or etched on the ground in nature. 
  • Take some time to breathe consciously before entering the sacred space. Call in your guides, your Higher Self, Venus and Sol.
  • When you feel called, enter the circle from the East point (9 o’clock)
  • Surrender attachment at the centre and attune to the Tri-Heart meditation (connection of your Heart to Gaia’s Heart, to the Cosmic Source Heart)
  • Then, move to the quadrant between 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock. Rest there. Open to Receive. Trusting. No expectation other than Being there, Infused in the Energy of Venus and Sol. Renewing your Consciousness held in the loving space of the Divine Heart.
  • Upon completion, return to the centre to ground and recalibrate this energy within. 
  • Exit the circle at the West point (3 o’clock) Turning to close the circle and give thanks to the space invoked.
  • Take time during the day/ coming days to journal/ record your dreams, and be in nature infusing the energy you received with our planet. 

Seek for the Light behind the Looking Glass

A Portal to Observe the Divine

See beyond your mere Reflection 

Magnifying the Love in All you See

Connect to your Heart

Breathe Deeply and Look Again

The Collective Heart that beats a Harmonious Rhythm

Spirit into Manifestation

No matter how you respond, you are dancing to the beat of the Cosmic DJ 

In Joy raise your hands above your head and feel the pulse elevate You


We are in a time where our distortions can be restored, resolving duality and living from the Heart. 

There is a genuine quality to the energy obtained when held by such compassion. The matured shining one elevates from the status of youth to the protector. To accept what is yet never diminish in beauty; to remain optimistic, illuminating the path even if rage boils and messages have been lost in translation. 

It takes tremendous force to hold a space for growth, for the growth of what truly is. 

There is nothing required in return. Nothing to be done. But perhaps, you could be curious within yourself and observe this pure compassion, seek it out, even if it draws you deeper to look closely at your values and morals. Let this eclipse dissolve any brash entitlement and egoic possessiveness that blinds from the value of this sacred existence. This experience is worthy of you. And you are worthy of this glorious existence. 


Pour your heart into all you do. Let it flood your nervous system, enlighten your endocrine glands, activating pure streams of communication between your chakras that are the gateways between your physically body and energetic bodies (mental, emotional and spiritual) 


This triad of energy being activated on the 26th March is (very simply put) the unification of our basic qualities. 

Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, the Divine Child and the Neutral Messenger : Venus, Sun, Aries and Gemini 

Venus began this cycle last year when reborn in Gemini on June 3rd 2020 conjunct the Sun, Venus rose as the Morning Star – Lucifer. Baring Light to encode our systems (Gemini governs writing and our nervous system) while our material structures crumbled (Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter conjunction). 


Now, she has entered a similar transition to before death and rebirth, this time the Venus Sun conjunction occurs with Venus behind the Sun.

This is her growth from morning star to evening star. From April 2021 you can begin to spot her shortly after sunset. 

And as she makes this conjunction in Aries, the energy of pure light (Cardinal Fire) becomes her cloak. This transition into a position of maturity, wisened by her journey, she continues to radiate compassion and enlighten your worth, reminding you of the true meaning of your value and service to this human experience. 


This celestial dance is a beautiful display of these founding archetypes weaving together to teach us how to mirror these innate qualities in our own whirl on this ever changing dancefloor we call Earth! 


Observing your own yin and yang -ness, embody the inner child, your pure spirit. Let the scripts of your heart call the child forth to become the protector of your own inner battles. Open your eye ? and step into your sovereignty as a radiant being experiencing a play of light energy. Resolving the duality, everything is complex and simple, so find your place on the spectrum and shine as an interweaving thread of consciousness. 

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