Healing with the Elements

Posted on: April 16, 2020

Everything is found in the Elements

I have always been fascinated with the relationship we have with the Elements. Found in everything from our individual compositions, to our external environment. Also found in the Zodiac, the planets + within the Archetypes we engage with.

When you align with the Elements, life becomes a game of playing with these states of being and you can become a conscious alchemist altering your own energy, health + reality.

The 5 Elements of Nature:
Æther, aka Space, can be found in the concepts of the Void or Darkness. It holds everything within it, and from the Dark Void comes Life or Light.

Fire, aka Light is a Vital Force (Prana) found in the heat and frequency emitted from our Sun, giving life to our Solar System. This spark of life is also attributed to our Heart, the Vital Force that sustains us with life. This pulse of life emits an electromagnetic frequency, a charge that is in constant communion with all energy. At our true centre, this Spark is of the Source Fire, our Pure Heart has not forgotten it IS Source Energy.

Air connects to our mind, thoughts and intentions – it is in our words and sounds. The Wind carries whispers and enlivens our Breath enhancing the guidance from our unseen allies. The Original Intention is to be an Observer, a Witness of Self (the infinite possible expressions of Self). This intention set a motion, like a ripple of the Original Light Source & Sound Wave. These ripples (water) form a memory bank of the infinite experiences in our Cosmic Universe, which are coded into the cellular DNA of all consciousness.

Water holds our memories, the fluidity of our being relating to Emotions we feel, sense, react and respond to. The Great Memory of All that we are, is embedded in our Cells. You can recall the memories from the vast memory bank to replenish your own system. Our planet’s Seas, Oceans and Rivers remind us of this powerful flowing state. We are in constant connection with water, it hydrates our body, sustains cellular growth + cleanses our body.

Earth the Sacred Vessel, our Body, bones and physical structures. Our Home Land, Gaia, the soil we walk on, the ground we build our homes and communities in. Earth is embedded with the Knowledge of Source Consciousness. Earth holds a key to the Cosmic Connection. When you take time to sink into the land, let your body make contact with the ground, you may get a sensation of the miraculous gifts both our Body + the Earth hold.

So, from these base elements you can form methods of healing to achieve greater harmony within, and how you engage with all around you.

For example, if in your head too much, over analysing or thinking rather than doing. First look at the element of Air. Breathing deeply, audibly to calm the mental chatter. To ground the mind, get into the body – move, stretch, dance, shake it out! This will balance the element of Air so the intention + thoughts are manifested and creatively engage with your reality – enhancing your wellbeing.

If feeling drowned in your emotions, then check in with how you are engaging with the water you drink – charge it with the intention of cleansing your system, washing out stagnant or trapped emotional blocks – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Or have a bath or soak your feet in a body of water in nature. Get active to assist in shifting and moving the water element within you. A brisk walk or jog, to build a sweat can help to purge the emotional waters.
And drop into your Heart – this is the Alchemical Fire Pit that will transmute all emotions opening you to your true essence.

There are so many ways you can engage with the elements, it is a unique and magical process – one I highly recommend! *Remember* what you are and what you came to experience. BE you! You are a BEAUTIFUL expression.


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