Earth Consciousness Meditation

Posted on: August 24, 2019

Ciao Leo Season! You have been fierce!⁠⠀♌️➡️♍️
With that 8:8 Energy and the Aquarian Full Moon, this past fixed fire season turned on the heat to do some waking up! Lighting that internal flame of your courageous hearts, encouraging you to seek out your own worth and celebrate your uniqueness. Prompting you to shine your own colour of light!⁠⠀
A spectrum of colours, so many shades and tones, minor variants of similar colours and yet, so many vastly different and beautiful colours that we don’t always recognise. ⁠⠀
WE are each a colour. Not a replica or a copy of another colour – a totally unique colour. Trying to shine your light in another colours slot on the spectrum is only dimming the light of your own and reducing the magnificence of our Universal spectrum of Light. Stop trying to be Yellow when you are actually Golden!! 😉⁠⠀

If you have felt pressure and some radical awakening these past few weeks, know that it is just your heart calling to you to release it. Let it burn off, and the blaze of your own inner fire (your heart) can then shine as bright as you will allow it. ⁠⠀
🔥➡️ 🌿⁠⠀

With Virgo season upon us, it is time to tend to our soul garden. Clean up the mess that may have been left behind from the flames, bring back a bit of discipline, habits that benefit your health and wellbeing – and our home – Earth! ⁠⠀

Connect to Earth, She is a living consciousness – willing to share with you, to offer you support on her land we call home. Pray for her, the destruction she is facing on her surface is reflective of our selves, aspects of us. Times are changing, She is aligned with her path, we are shifting to keep up with her powerful force that is causing change on our lands and within our own bodies and DNA structures. ⁠⠀
Not all will feel this shift, or be inclined to relate or seek more from this. This is evolution. You choose how your garden looks, don’t fret over your neighbours. Tend to your growth, allowing all the colours to reveal themselves to you! ⁠⠀

Here is the Earth Consciousness Meditation View it over on my You Tube Channel



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