Aquarius New Moon

Posted on: January 24, 2020

New Moon in Aquarius.

Fixed Air. 24th Jan 2020 9:41pm GMT⁠⠀
“Seeds are scattered ⁠⠀
by the high winds, ⁠⠀
looking like winged nymphs ⁠⠀
charged with electricity ⁠⠀
seeking to be breathed in, ⁠⠀
embedding in your consciousness.”⁠⠀
_ ⁠⠀
The Dark Moon of Fixed Air is calling you in. ⁠⠀
Listen to your thoughts, these are the seeds you are planting in your own garden. ⁠⠀
Clear your Mind. Set your intentions. Breathe Deep. ⁠⠀
Close your eyes and feel the charge in the air, there is more than you know there for the collective to perceive. Let this charge your DNA, the cellular waters of your Being. ⁠⠀
Space Clearing Tutorial to clear your room/ meditation space and enhance your Higher Mind Connection

Water Coding Ritual

For this Aquarian Water Bearer New Moon try this simple ritual and experiment with it for the next 6 months to see its real effects come to full bloom by the Full Moon 3rd Aug 2020.
Every time you pour water into a glass to drink – every time you shower or bathe, the water you cook your food in, the cellular waters in your body – feel into them. With intention, thought and belief (higher mind) – know you are revitalising the codes in the water, mentally reciting a simple invocation like: “the codes in this water are highly charged for my benefit … to awaken me to my highest potential / …to heal my cells / …to be absorbed into my body and serve me / … to improve the wellness and vitality of all who this water connects with” (via the meal you are preparing or the drink of water/tea etc you are serving).


💭INTENTION – to charge the codes of water.

🚰ACTION – recite blessing, or hold the glass with purpose, or pause to tune into the water.

😇TRUST – once it is done go about the rest of your day with the belief of all is in divine order. This = not hooking into fear or paranoia, wash it clear with faith and trust.

🙏GRATITUDE – offering thanks for clean water, access to water in your own home, gratitude for your awareness to work with the elemental energy around you for your benefit.

Aquarius has the mode + element of Fixed Air, inner or higher mind, yet it is known as the water bearer. Pouring “water” (coded water) of knowledge onto us. I see Aquarius as slightly outside the wheel, that really sees things from a different perspective. Offering us the wisdom of what our Soul needs and is ready for off the wheel.
As you set your NewMoon seeds with this Aquarian lunation, think about the flowers you want to see bloom in 6 months time. It isn’t a long time, so make these intentions simple and achievable. Every sip of your charged water is infusing your cells + charging your DNA awakening your perception to that of the Aquarian Angel. (take me to Aquarian Angel Meditation)

In Joy!

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