Alice & Venus

Posted on: March 24, 2021

Alice Through The Looking Glass, came up as the character that I could relate to for this Cycle of Venus in Gemini and Aries.

Back when Venus first went invisible, I was watching Alice in Wonderland with our son. Alice’s journey got me really thinking about our human experience and the oddity of reality. As a very curious creature myself I went digging ? ?

Layering on top of this one of my visions when meditating and invoking Invisible Venus – included a diamond healing dome and a looking glass that morphed into a magnifying glass.

From gazing upon one’s own reflection, Venus (or one of the lower aspects of this archetype Vanity) became curious and the mirror swirled like a vortex, becoming a portal upon which the world, Earth, and what we call reality was viewed. Upon realising this window of opportunity, Divine Love and Worth (the higher aspect of Venus) began to pour forth abundant rays of illumination during this chance alignment with Sol ☀️and Gaia/Tara ?.

What I saw in my mind’s eye was this awe striking light shining into and through a portal /lens ? that activated the rise and awakening of many Light bodies. There was a surge of Beings with tails of fire answering a call and flying up…

How this plays out is an unanswered riddle.

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This vision lead to this musing:

{Let me explain the looking glass analogy first; If Source split itself to perceive Life and understand its vast multitude of infinite possibilities, each star is a bright spark of creative Energy in the cosmos, upon which each star(Sun) goes on to radiate creative Light for the Life that exists in its solar system. Well then, our Sun – Sol, is the looking glass that Source Spirit looks through to witness us at play in the Human Experience. We are the human embodying spirit here and now, of the Light of this solar system and the stars in the cosmos, and the witness as the Great Dark Consciousness that creation is emanating from.} 

In short: Source splits itself to perceive its infinite reflections… our Sun is a fractal of this… our Light body is another portal to which Source perceives itself. Hence, become the observer of this present projection. Which simply echos various other philosophical theo/meta conceptions.

A looking glass is a term for a mirror. Which curiously reflects back to you what you are projecting. But what if that mirror was distorted and the perception of your purpose and projection – the truth – was lost, or hidden?  Yet, you believe the reflection because you have forgotten to be curious and to follow where your curious heart leads you?

Perhaps the eye that can truly see and observe went into a deep slumber. Or is it the other way around? Only when the conditioned eyes that you seem to perceive with fall asleep does the third eye awaken?

Trapped in a dream state, lost in an in between world, confused to what is ‘real’ and what is the beautiful and complex imagination… when the lines blur and the electrical pulse glitches, the illusion begins to fade and the eye sees the distortion and lie it has been living. Baffled by the audacity, ashamed for its ignorance and fearful of further deception, trust is tender and  expression is withheld.

With growth and development of curiosity into maturing wisdom, the wounds are kissed and become part of the soul expression that is ready to speak up for the spirit of nature and ignite hope through painted words and musical pictures.

When questions no longer apply like –

When? When will this end?

How? How will this play out?

Why? Why did this come to be?

The answer is a relearning of being present, being a joy-full expression of Self, and being a warrior of Love eradicating fear and hate.

I hope you enjoyed some of my more ‘curiouser’ musings from my lens of perception as transiting Venus conjoins my natal Venus in Aries, sextiling my Gemini Moon Chiron in 12th.

Take a moment to bask in the Venus infused Light on the 26th Match ?

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