Hey! This is me, Danielle!

I am is a Space Holder – a wonderful term to encompass the offering strings of my colourful bow!

I’m an ascension guide, teacher of spiritual arts, clairvoyant medium and astrologer.

I also share healing coming from my life as a Yoga Practitioner, a Crystal & Sound Space Therapist, Cacao Practitioner with a Celtic Shamanic influence.

I have a Taurus Sun, 12th House Gemini Moon and Gemini Rising. I am a mother, a dreamer and I am always learning.

Are you in search of something, something more, a greater connection? You just need the right space to allow you to find it. The answer is already within. But we all need support and guidance from time to time, remember we are not alone.

I am here to share how to create a space to learn, to honour a process, to let go and to celebrate!

Holding a neutral space for you to heal, transform, empower and celebrate. Guided by spirit and the “unseen” that I see with when I works with you – colour, shapes, symbols, sounds, feelings, Light Beings and Star Consciousnesses, Elementals and Spirit Animals.
Using astrology, oracle cards, crystals and ceremonial grade cacao, the power of breath and movement of body to awaken you to your potential and to remember why you are here.

Sacred Ceremony and Healing is my passion, sharing these beautiful ways of transforming and celebrating our lives.

Since childhood I have been connected to intuitive energy and the unseen, astral realm. Unable to comprehend most of what I was experiencing as a young girl, I was initiated into Reiki at 13 years old which gave me the first path towards accepting my remembrance of the infinite. And since then, I’ve been a student of many ancient healing art forms, offering structure to something that is so intangible. I continue to work on myself, “know thyself” is my motto – and it is an endless journey worth pursuing. Having practiced and refined my ability, I draw from my past 20 years offering you a chance to leap into your best version of yourself NOW!

The time is now, we are here to remember and experience this change of times!

. you are sacred . everyday is worthy of ceremony . 

The name 12th Space came from the inspiration of my own 12th House of my astrological birth chart combined with a label I am comfortable with – space holder. In astrology, the 12th House is associated with:

‘I Believe’, Social Service, Spiritual Consciousness, Intuition, Inspiration, Boundlessness or its counterpart Confinement. Other keywords include – Dreams, the Subconscious Mind, Intangible, Spirituality, Institutions, Prisons and Hospitals, Secrets, Hidden Activities, the Cosmos and Infinite connection.

You see, we can use our astrological chart to guide us how to live in the flow of our own energy. Below is one way of interpreting my own 12th House. This is something I can offer you to give you greater guidance on your direction too.

– My 12th House is heavily occupied in my natal chart, home to my Moon, Mars, Chiron, Ceres and my North Node. There is a strong calling for me to honour this energy and make it conscious – It is my purpose (Taurus North Node) to honour and expand my spiritual embodiment. Not only does this nurture my own needs (Moon) and desires (Mars) to connect to this unseen realm, but gives me the opportunity to be a guide (Chiron) to others, bridging the dimensions and realms of awareness. My intention is to empathetically motivate you to transform and to get to know your own unseen side.

Let’s go to those vulnerable places – they are dark but I have a torch!! 😉

I love opening the door to spiritual practice and the sacredness of life (Ceres) and making it all tangible (12th House in Taurus) – Let’s Embody the Light and Live it!

I particularly cherish and honour the awakening of the Divine Feminine and Masculine (Moon/Ceres/Chiron) aspects that may be hidden (12th) to you.

So, 12th SPACE for me, stands for a Sacred and Spiritual Embodiment.

This also gets layered with my Fixed Earth Sun tightly opposed Pluto, trine my Angular Neptune and tri octile Uranus…. but that’s for another day!

12 in numerology is also symbolic of completion and wholeness. An ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. We are whole, all 12 zodiac signs are in us, we are one with all – sometimes this is just forgotten and I would love to help you remember.


Want to read more about me – Random Facts and My Timeline 

What are Crystals & Crystal Healing?

Crystals are gems of our Earth. They offer us profound ways to attune to energy, they hold a strong and steady energetic field that can automatically tune into to your frequency – for example, if your energy is low it will correct the energy and raise it to match its vibration. Crystal healing has many various layouts, They can be used as space grids to hold a room in a particular vibration, they can direct energy, clear blockages, or simply placing a small crystal on the body can cleanse each chakra, organ or energetic pattern.

What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial grade, raw cacao from Guatemala – Keith the Chocolate Shaman’s Cacao. This plant medicine is such a gentle yet profound heart opener. This sacred drink can have huge healing effects on your entire health and wellbeing. It enhances your senses, your extra sensory perception and sharpens your focus and mental stamina. My time in San Marcos, Guatemala changed my life and cacao has played a big role in awakening me to live the life I dream of.

What is Astrology & how I can offer my astrological interpretation to you?

Astrology is an ancient science. Mapping the planets and stars that influence your own energy and our transiting. I can offer Chart Art for you or your child as a framed gift denoting your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. Or we can have an in person or on the phone consultation to talk through specifics of your chart and transits.

What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle Cards are a wonderful and easily accessible tool for connecting to higher guidance. Gain insight and direction from the spread of cards you choose. I have been using oracle cards since I was a child, and paired with my fascination for symbolism and multi-connectedness, they are one of my most favourite tools.